Road network and mobility

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Equans - Solution réseau routier

✓ Intelligent Transport Systems

ITSs are innovative technological systems that connect different services and tools in the city (cameras, various sensors, variable message signs, etc.) to various transport methods (cars, trams, underground, etc.) and traffic management software. The ITS, for example, gives citizens detailed information in real time on the traffic status to that they can adapt their itinerary to the situation.

✓ Dynamic traffic management (DTM) systems

Intelligent digital signage boards provide drivers with information in real time on the traffic lane they are in, journey times or alternative routes in the event of an accident.

✓ Variable message signs (VMS)

VMS signs are generally used above motorway traffic lanes to inform drivers above various factors that may influence their journey. Their surface and the LED technology they use display both icons and written messages.

✓ Intelligent traffic lights

Thanks to the information sent by electronic sensors built into the road, intelligent traffic lights are able to analyse the density of traffic and adapt when they turn green to the situation.

✓ Parking guidance systems

Using electronic signs, dynamic parking guidance systems guide drivers towards free parking spaces, taking the traffic density into account.

✓ ANPR cameras

ANPR is the acronym for Automatic Number Plate Recognition. These cameras monitor flagged vehicles, check low emission zones and even counteract cut-through traffic.

✓ CCTV and AID cameras

CCTV cameras and AID (automatic incident detection) cameras are used to flag incidents on roads or in tunnels, detect smoke emissions or check the rate of occupation in a specific zone. The are used to monitor zones and check travel.

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