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Mass distribution and retail

An overall approach to meet your economic, regulatory and climate challenges

Whether you’re the technical manager of a shopping centre, a technical or logistics manager in retail or manager of a franchise shop, fostering your customers’ loyalty and responding to sustainable development challenges are among your priorities.  As a leader in technical installations and maintenance services, we offer you comprehensive solutions that improve the performance of your assets, accelerate your energy transition and offer the best service to your customers.

Multi-technical expertise

HVAC installations, electrical engineering, commercial refrigeration, fire safety, remote surveillance, etc. EQUANS has a broad range of solutions to help players on the retail market respond to the challenges they face. whatever the size of your site or your sales areas, we advise you at each stage of your project, in compliance with the specific legislation in your region (Brussels, Flanders or Wallonia).

Ecological and competitive installations

Did you know? Thanks to sustainable LED lighting, you reduce your lighting electricity costs by at least 50%. And if your brand has refrigeration installations, changing to a natural refrigerant enables you to save up to 30% of your energy bill! And these are just examples... Depending on your specific needs, we study the most suitable solution with you to improve your environmental and financial performance.

Cooling experts: tailored solutions for your supermarket

Our expertise in innovative and classic cooling techniques enables us to offer ideal refrigeration and freezing solutions for all types of supermarkets and applications. Our systems guarantee a longer conservation period for your products and a pleasant temperature in the customer area. Other advantage: our sustainable equipment considerably reduces your energy bill.
Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the products and sector, we’re able to offer tailored multi-technical solutions that improve the comfort of your customers, the quality of your products and your operational and energy efficiency.

✓    HVAC in the shop, for a pleasant temperature in customer areas

✓    Energy-efficient refrigeration counters

✓    Cold rooms and freezers

✓    Heat recovery

✓    Free-cooling

✓    Multi-technical approach: heating, sanitary, ventilation

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Reliable, high-quality services

In addition to being energy efficient, sustainable lighting or ‘high-performance’ refrigeration units improve your customers’ experience.  Whether you are designing, upgrading or managing your facilities, we ensure that you get the most appropriate technology, considering the requirements of your customers and your market. And if you choose a preventive maintenance contract with us, you also avoid heating, ventilation or air conditioning failures and the associated unforeseen costs.

We listen to you

Would you like to go further in your energy or digital transition? We also have the solution! Solar panels, electric mobility, smart building... We offer you integrated concepts with a single point of contact who takes charge and coordinates your whole project. In an emergency, you can also count on our local teams who are available 24/7.

 EQUANS_Batiments_Grande Distribution_supermarches

Our expertise supporting mass distribution and retail

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