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Office buildings

Equipping buildings for the world of tomorrow and reinventing workspaces

An office building is not just a workplace, it’s also a living space that should be modular and versatile to promote user health, fulfilment and well-being.
To enable property managers and their tenants to adapt to new uses, EQUANS is reinventing workplaces, with respect to the environment and current rules.  On the programme? Comfortable, connected, safe, sustainable, high-performance, efficient buildings... for their occupants’ greatest pleasure.


Our technical expertise at the service of your buildings

In a context of change, the real estate sector must adapt to today and tomorrow’s challenges. The energy efficiency of buildings, the harmonisation of spaces to meet the new needs of users, digitalisation, as well as maintenance cost optimisation are some of the factors to take into consideration.
To respond to changes in the sector, EQUANS is developing a multi-disciplinary offer and supporting its customers in the integration of new technologies. With its vast expertise in multi-technical solutions for new buildings and renovations, EQUANS offers a complete range of solutions where technical, economic and environmental performance go hand in hand with user comfort.


Comprehensive, high-quality solutions

Perfect ventilation, ideal temperature, adapted lighting, efficient and secure connectivity, green roofs, optimal energy performance, etc. In an office building, a bank, or a service company, each criterion has its own importance. From design to maintenance, our experts can support you at all the stages of your project, whether your building is new or older.

Buildings that consume less energy

In order to offer our clients efficient solutions, we support building owners and occupants in optimising their energy consumption. Whether installing and managing the most efficient services or equipment, measuring, controlling and adjusting energy flows or managing facility services, we activate all the possible levers to help you save energy and reduce your environmental footprint. For an ‘Excellent’ BREEAM certificate, we also offer local green energy production solutions to complement your installations.

Smart building

As an integrator, we perform and coordinate all the expert assessments (HVAC, electrical, sanitary, security, fire detection installations, etc.). Thanks to our smart solutions, we connect all your technical equipment in an integrated building management system. This system enables us to manage installations remotely, while improving your building’s environmental performance and operating costs. 

Space layout

For well-designed spaces, we arrange your offices according to your occupants’ needs. Open configurations, shared spaces, modular meeting rooms, audio visual equipment, restaurants, auditorium, etc. We can help you design and implement of a pleasant working environment that promotes efficiency and productivity and protects the health and safety of your users.

Our expertise supporting office buildings

Our references


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