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Our solutions for optimum comfort and better energy management

To offer tenants a quality service at the best cost, housing companies must meet several financial, regulatory and technical requirements. Whether you are a social landlord, an association, an eco-district or a residential group, EQUANS helps you ensure the inhabitants’ comfort, reduce your rental expenses and enhance your property assets. Find out how.

Managing your installations

Thanks to many years of experience in technical maintenance and the renovation of residential buildings, EQUANS supports building and social housing managers (houses and apartments) in the energy and operational optimisation of their installations. Heating control, consumption monitoring, power supply, lighting, etc. Our teams ensure the comfort and safety of the inhabitants of your building assets, 24/7.

Energy renovation

Are you a property manager or owner of apartments? Do you want to start your energy transition by renovating your installations? Based on an energy audit, we determine the solution that will offer you the best return on investment with you. High-efficiency boiler, relighting, cogeneration unit... According to the applicable standards in your region (Brussels, Flanders or Wallonia), we equip your buildings with the most advantageous installations, whether in technical, financial, administrative or ecological level.

Charging points for electric vehicles

Owning an electric vehicle and being able to charge it easily when you live in a city apartment building is completely possible! We offer an integrated range of smart charging points suited to jointly owned properties. Feasibility study, installation, start-up... we take care of everything! And the key advantage? The points communicate with each other and thanks to their smart technology, share the electricity available.


Tailored solutions for lifts

Did you know that a modernised elevator can reduce electricity consumption by 40%? As specialists in lift installation, modernisation, compliance and maintenance, we’re able to work on all types of elevators. Whether the installation is large or small!

Our expertise supporting the housing sector

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Une solution tout compris pour le chauffage de la résidence Edinburgh I à Bruxelles


Heat as a Service


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