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A multi-technical approach to optimise your performance

Logistics is an activity of capital importance for the Belgian economy. Facing international competition, companies in this sector must take many technical and environmental constraints into account. To accelerate the energy and digital transition of their warehouses and processes, EQUANS designs and implements comprehensive solutions combining economic and technological performance.

Your project from A to Z

EQUANS is an expert in the design, installation and maintenance of HVAC, cooling, compressed air, high and low voltage electricity, security and fire protection systems. Whether for shops with hight storage or for the critical warehousing of handling companies, we offer tailored solutions at the cutting edge of technology.



Ecological refrigeration solutions

For your cold rooms and freezers, we develop cooling systems using natural refrigerants. Both reliable and ecological, these installations are based on innovative, environmentally friendly techniques that guarantee the quality of the products stored. Present across the whole cooling chain, we also deploy our technology and know-how in refrigerated transport. Thanks to our mobile refrigeration solutions, you gain space, save in terms of maintenance costs and reduce your energy consumption.

Maintaining your installations

Uniform heat distribution in each area of the warehouse, optimisation of your refrigeration equipment’s settings (such as the compressor power), humidity control, etc. You can trust EQUANS for the maintenance of your logistics centre. Thanks to our specialist teams, no more over-consumption or breakdowns! We guarantee that your installations offer superior performance in terms of energy efficiency and cost reduction throughout their life cycle.

Optimisation of your processes

Do you want to map your logistics flows in real time and improve your operational performance? Once again, you’ve come to the right place... Flexible and modular, the LMS (Logistics Management System) solution adapts to your specific needs and expectations. Lorry identification system, site access control, system to weigh transported goods, transfer of information in SAP, automation of security instructions or automatic call system for waiting lorries... Everything is possible with this logistics 4.0 solution that aims to simplify your product flows, your management and your administrative work!

Our expertise supporting the logistics sector

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La Lorraine Bakery : HVAC et élec pour la nouvelle ligne de production


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