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Sport, leisure and culture

Improve your visitors and spectators’ experience

Whether it is a leisure centre, a museum or football stadium, the cultural and sports infrastructure require tailored solutions that are suitable for their complex needs. On the strength of its multi-technical expertise, EQUANS ensures that your visitors or spectators have an unforgettable experience, in an attractive, secure and environmentally friendly setting.

Sustainable sports and cultural centres

Partly open, like large outdoor sports stadiums (football, athletics or tennis) or closed (ice rinks, theatres or exhibition halls), sports and cultural spaces have become places for gathering, with variable uses. To combine your users’ well-being with the reduction of your CO2 emissions, EQUANS supports you in the choice of technical equipment. Solar panels, LED lighting, heat pumps, heat recovery from wastewater... According to your specific needs, we use our know-how to achieve your goals.

Swimming pools under control

With more than 100 swimming pools managed in Belgium, EQUANS is a leader in the management of technical installations in aquatic centres. Treatment and purification of swimming pool water, control of the hygiene conditions and water and air temperature, preventive maintenance of equipment... You can entrust your installations to us with total confidence!

Enhanced historical heritage

Relighting the Grand Place in Brussels, renovation of the Africa Museum, renovation of the Handelsbeurs in Antwerp, lighting the Goyet caves... we protect and enhance the cultural heritage of towns, municipalities and institutions. Here too, energy efficiency and technologies are at the heart of our approach. Home automation, data networks, surveillance cameras, fire safety, etc. We modernise buildings (listed or not) with respect for the built environment and urban recommendations. All for maximum energy savings and greater comfort for visitors.

AfricaMuseum - Bruxelles

Our expertise supporting sport, leisure and culture


Electrical installation

HVAC and air handling

Fire detection and protection

Security systems

Information and communication systems

Maintenance solutions

Integrated Facility Management

Building Efficiency

Energy management

Energy efficiency solutions

Renewable energy production

Our references


EQUANS installs sustainable technologies for the award-winning swimming pool in Aartselaar


Sustainable sports infrastructure: the city of Leuven invests in energy-efficient lighting for the football fields of Wijgmaal and Kessel-lo


Sportoase: energy-efficient swimming pools


Saint Bavo Cathedral: modern technologies to protect and improve cultural heritage


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