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Hospitals and healthcare institutions

Optimise technical and energy management in healthcare

Patients in your hospital or your nursing home expect quality care, 24 hours a day. Reconciling these requirements with staff expectations, risk control and legal compliance is a sizeable challenge for players in the sector (public and private). Active in around a hundred care establishments in the country, EQUANS also has the necessary skills to take care of your buildings and your technical installations down to the slightest detail. Our ambition? To help you optimise the energy efficiency of your equipment and the comfort and safety of your patients and users.

Integrated approach

Whether it’s for the construction, renovation or maintenance of your healthcare institution, we guarantee an integrated approach and direction. Our services cover analysis, installation, management and technical maintenance as well as the energy optimisation and digitalisation of your equipment.  Thanks to our broad range of skills and technologies, we provide an effective response to each of your institution’s specific needs.

Safety and continuity of operation

To offer a flawless level of health and safety to your patients, EQUANS oversees the operation of your technical installations 24/7 with particular attention to critical equipment.  If there is a power outage, your installations continue to run optimally thanks to generators. Via our laboratory, we also ensure the quality of air and water to avoid any contamination. Similarly, our teams are trained on technical repairs in the operating theatres and supplying medical gas to the site and manage the vacuum network.

A carbon neutral hospital tomorrow?

Air handling, medical imaging and patient data management via your hospital’s data centre are all items that consume a lot of energy. EQUANS helps you make carbon neutrality an achievable goal. On the strength of our experience in terms of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, renewable energy production or the building management system, our teams provide comprehensive and innovative solutions that reduce your energy consumption and your operational costs as far as possible.

Patient, staff and visitor comfort

For the comfort of patients, staff and visitors, we respond to very strict conditions in terms of air flow, temperature, humidity and purity. If certain hospital areas (such as operating theatres or intensive care units) require specific measures, we install absolute filters and positive or negative pressure systems to ensure perfect air quality.

Towards a smart hospital

Facing the rapid changes in the healthcare centre, we make the most of technology to improve your hospital or healthcare establishment’s services. Thanks to connected tools such as smart sensors, we optimise the management of your buildings and equipment. A major stake in preparing your establishment for tomorrow’s challenges.

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