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Schools and universities

Improving energy efficiency and well-being in schools

Schools and campuses are not exempt from today’s energy challenges. Dilapidation and the need for renovation have become a reality and education budgets unfortunately have no scope for extension. To help schools and universities optimise their energy efficiency, reduce CO2 emissions and improve the well-being of students and teachers, EQUANS has the solution!

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Whether these are new buildings, renovations or maintenance contracts, EQUANS has long-term expertise in the school sector (primary and secondary schools and universities). Depending on your establishment’s specific needs, we take care of your technical equipment (electricity, heating, air conditioning, toilets, security and fire detection, etc.) with a constant effort to optimise your energy performance and your budgets.

Renovating a school: how does it work?

For a renovation, we start with a study that establishes the energy flows and consumption of your school or campus. We then offer you areas for improvement such as insulating roofs and external walls and installing heat pumps, ‘high performance’ double-glazing or photovoltaic panels. If necessary, we help you finance these investments through an EPC (Energy Performance Contract), a formula that uses the annual savings made to finance the works.


Tailored operation and maintenance

From your boiler or solar water heater’s maintenance to replacing your lights and maintaining your ventilation system... We adapt your technical management contract to your specific needs. Preventive maintenance, repairs, operation or total guarantee... We give you complete peace of mind.

Local energy production

There’s also a whole series of solutions to reduce your carbon footprint even further. Cogeneration unit, biomass boiler, geothermal energy, etc. Based on your expectations, we’re able to implement innovative installations that allow you to produce energy locally and to fully embark on your energy transition.

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