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Hotels and restaurants

For perfect cost control and flawless quality of service

A pleasant temperature for everyone, kitchen ventilation, optimal food storage, maintenance of your wellness space... As the (technical) director of a hotel, a restaurant, or an events venue, you face many technical challenges. To enable your establishment to offer flawless quality of service to its customers, EQUANS deploys comprehensive solutions that combine energy performance and comfort for occupants. Design, transformation, renovation and maintenance of your installations... We help you optimise your operating costs and sustainably reduce your energy consumption.

Overall management of your project

Whether you run a medium-sized restaurant or a large hotel complex, EQUANS supports you at every stage of your project. Thanks to our vast expertise in the tertiary sector, we’re able to design your technical installations taking energy efficiency and future maintenance costs into consideration right from the design phase. For large-scale projects, we integrate all the technologies in a BIM environment (3D modelling), to make your infrastructure more efficient and effective.




Multi-technical installations

HVAC installations, electricity, sanitary, security and fire detection, communication systems... As an integrator of multi-technical solutions, we’re familiar with all building services. If you wish, we can implement specific technologies to accelerate your energy and digital transition. Recovery of the heat produced by your cooling installations, building management system, smart parking system, geothermal energy... From improving your energy efficiency to the smart building and renewable energy production, we guarantee to work according to your expectations, in line with industry best practice and the legislation.

Integrated Facility Management

Is your restaurant, hotel or community kitchen up and running and do you want to take care of your guests, and only your guests? Here too, you can rely on EQUANS. From hard service to soft service, we take care of everything!  Maintenance of technical installations (hard service), cleaning, small repairs and green space management (soft services) ... We take care of your visitors’ comfort and security, seeking the best balance between cost and the quality of service provided.


Our expertise supporting the hotels, restaurants and cafés sector

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