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Airport infrastructure

Managing a modern airport is a delicate balancing exercise. Passengers’ security and comfort are sizeable challenges, but the airport ecosystem must also work profitably. It must therefore meet the needs of passengers, air companies and all other stakeholders.

Providing its know-how in this sector and its high-tech expertise, EQUANS is involved, on its customers’ behalf, in building and infrastructure construction and their full maintenance as well as security or baggage management system design. Thanks to its multi-technical approach, EQUANS is able to meet the many challenges facing airport complexes.

Multi-technical solutions and high-tech environment

There’s no lack of challenges in the airport sector. Reducing CO2 emissions and energy consumption, having reliable installations, ensuring passenger security and comfort or even guaranteeing operational efficiency... we support our clients on all these priorities, with over forty years’ experience in this sector and its constant technological changes.

Electricity, HVAC, fire detection, communication systems - EQUANS works upstream and downstream in the multiple fields of expertise necessary to manage, develop, secure and maintain the airports. We provide innovative technologies and constantly devise new solutions to make passenger and baggage flows faster, more comfortable and safer.

A broad range of service for a well-performing airport:

✓    Electrical, electromechanical & hydraulic equipment installation
✓    Technical management of all the buildings
✓    Energy and network systems (HV/LV, telecommunications, etc.)
✓    Aviation field signage and traffic area/runway lights
✓    Passenger boarding gates
✓    Air traffic control tower and control centre equipment

✓    Meteorological devices
✓    Baggage handling and screening systems
✓    Baggage and passenger security checks
✓    Full security management
✓    Fire detection and protection
✓    Communication systems
✓    Operational support, technical supervision and maintenance

airport security control screens

Airport Systems: digital expertise serving airports

The Airport Systems department specialises in passenger and baggage flow control and management systems. Today, the different digital solutions offered by this department are used by around fifty airports worldwide.

They go from baggage tracking to flight information display systems and data processing to the tray return system, used to check hand luggage. Airport Systems offers a.o. a cloud-based solution that enables real-time baggage handling control from Belgium at several international airports.

Our solutions & services

✓    Air’NG integration platform
✓    Baggage handling systems
✓    Baggage check systems
✓    Tray return systems (TRS)
✓    Flight information display systems (FIDS)
✓    Baggage information display systems (BIDS)
✓    Sorting allocation software (SAC) system implementation
✓    Management information software (MIS) implementation
✓    Monitoring and reporting system (big data) implementation
✓    24/7 hotline for AirN’G software and hardware problems

Airport technical maintenance

Managing and maintaining an airport is a delicate exercise. Although passengers’ security and comfort are priority challenges, the whole airport system must work profitably.

EQUANS provides comprehensive and integrated solutions that guarantee quality, profitability and reliability in the long term. We have all the expertise necessary to automate and integrate operational processes. We help the sector adopt new technologies by offering innovative solutions to improve their processes.

airport checking


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