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Waste recovery

A multi-technical approach for your thermal efficiency projects

By transforming the contents of our trash bins into electricity, heat or steam, the waste industry (Waste to energy) produces renewable energy that can be used in different forms: self-production, sale to industry, heating networks, etc. Specialising in the thermal field, EQUANS offers turnkey solutions for the design, construction and maintenance of energy recovery units (ERU) and heating networks. From installation and maintenance of furnaces or boilers, to the recovery of waste heat or the laying of buried pipes, we work at each stage of your process. Our ambition? To enable you to optimise your yield over your entire production cycle…

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From the incinerator to the heating network...

New construction, revamping, maintenance, repairs – EQUANS works on projects of all sizes and on all types of facilities (grate furnace, fluidised bed, etc.). In collaboration with our partners, we offer services ranging from optimisation of fume extraction and treatment, to construction of a new production line with connection to a heating network. For the design of your installations, our experts in thermal energy efficiency use software designed by us (Thermoflex). Their goal? To allow you to make the right decisions based on accurate and realistic thermal calculations.

Turnkey contracts

As part of our EPC (Engineering, procurement, and construction) contracts, we deliver a 100% operational facility. Our Process team first designs the solution taking into account your constraints and requirements.

We then take care of the purchasing phase, during which we define the specifications of the technical equipment with you (furnace, boiler, gas extractor, turbine, flue gas treatment, HVAC equipment, fire detection system, etc.).

Our design office then carries out the design of structures, piping, electricity and automation.

Certified to work under PED (module H, category 3), our teams then take care of the construction and then the commissioning, safety tests, adjustments of the automation parameters, performance tests and finally delivery of your facility. All you have to do is turn the key!


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Project engineering

To help its customers succeed in their energy transition, EQUANS offers systems or installations that help industries make the best use of energy. In an incinerator, the energy released by the combustion of waste is most often recovered to produce steam which is expanded in a turbine, which then makes it possible to produce electricity. It is also possible to recover this heat to supply a district heating network or nearby industrials. At your request, we study the solution best suited to your situation. Whatever your project, we help you achieve energy, environmental and financial savings.


Recovery of waste heat at the turbine exit, production of cold using a heat pump, hydrogen... We do not hesitate to innovate to optimise your energy production down to the smallest detail. Do you have a project, an idea? Let's talk about it! We will be happy to discuss with you the possibilities of improving your process and your overall performance.

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