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Electrical and electromechanical installations

Reliable installations for your buildings, industrial sites and infrastructure

Whether it’s a hospital, an office building, an industrial site or a road tunnel, each infrastructure is unique and carries technical, electrical or environmental challenges. As the leader in electrical engineering and an expert in multi-technical installations for the public and private sectors for over seventy years, EQUANS offers a comprehensive range of electrification solutions for all your infrastructure, whether in terms of new builds or projects to renovate or optimise your installations.

Electrical engineering: from planning to maintenance

For over seventy years, electricity distribution and instrumentation for industry have been among our main fields of activity and we offer our clients a broad range of tailored or comprehensive solutions.

We are involved upstream to downstream from consulting, design and installation to the maintenance of your electricity installations. Our specialist teams are perfectly aware of the needs in industrial processes and guarantee an optimal service.


Expertise in all our business sectors

✓    Industrial sites, installations and processes

✓    Energy production, transport and distribution infrastructure

✓    Building electrification (office buildings, data centres, accommodation, hospitals, etc.)

✓    Transport infrastructure electrification (tunnels, car parks, tram networks, stations, civil engineering structures, etc.)

✓    Road network, architectural and heritage lighting

✓    Security and safety systems: fire, anti-intrusion, access control, video surveillance

✓    Building management (BMS) and home automation systems

✓    Etc.

Your partner for high-voltage and low-voltage installations

✓    Aerial and underground conduits for electricity distribution

✓    Power supply panels, control consoles, automation and instrumentation panels, synoptic panels, LV and MV distribution panels

✓    Lighting, earth networks, tracing, relighting

✓    IT, data and fibre optic networks

✓    Analysers and chromatographs

✓    Power supply for electric motors and equipment

✓    Installation, connection, adjustment and calibration of all types of measurement and control instruments: electrical, electronic and pneumatic


✓    Industrial IT

✓    Fire protection, access control and anti-intrusion

✓    Automation and process control

✓    Nuclear installations: certificate according to the 10CFR50 standard

✓    Installation, connection and calibration of industrial valves, instrumentation and actuators

✓    Inspection, compliance and 24/7 maintenance of installations

Our references


New prison in Haren: our multi-technical expertise serving a DBM project.


Delivery of the new head office for BNP Paribas Fortis, 3 rue Montagne du Parc


Ministry of Defence's largest aircraft hangar almost ready for operation


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