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Mechanical engineering and industrial piping

Steel construction, prefabrication of skids, installation of thermal equipment, bridge crane maintenance, welding work, etc. Whether for new installations, renovation projects or maintenance, our expertise in mechanical engineering and industrial piping is one of EQUANS' core technical activities.

Serving all types of infrastructures and industries, our solutions are primarily aimed at sectors requiring piping systems and/or mechanical equipment: (petro)chemicals, refineries, the steel industry, the energy sector, the food and pharmaceutical industries, etc. Our integrated networḱ of workshops allows us to optimise processes and prefabrication, close to the production sites.


An integrated approach and unrivalled expertise

Our activities cover the design, construction and maintenance of electro-mechanical installations and systems.
We design, (pre-)fabricate and install industrial piping and mechanical equipment (constructions and installations).

For each type of industry or infrastructure, we have specialised teams who know the specific constraints and expectations of the sector. Our extensive experience in the construction and maintenance of conventional, nuclear, CHP and combined cycle power plants also explains our strong presence in the energy segment.

All our operations comply with the Iso 9001 and VCA-P industrial norms and standards.

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In mechanical and electromechanical engineering

Our teams carry out a wide range of services, from the replacement of a lock gate to the alignment of a pump and the maintenance of bridge cranes.

We work alongside our customers, both in their new projects and in the organisation of “shutdowns” or maintenance of their production facilities.

As these activities are potentially dangerous, we always prioritise safety in order to provide our customers with a safe installation, in the shortest possible time.

Our solutions

✓    Assembly, adjustment, alignment and regulating of mechanical and thermal equipment on site

✓    Metal constructions, industrial trusses

✓    Steel and modular structures (PAU, PAR, PAT, coldboxes)

✓    (Pre)fabrication of pipe racks and skids

✓    All assembly of industrial equipment: engines, turbines, etc.

✓    Lifting and repair of tanks of all diameters

✓    Relocation of industrial lines

✓    Fault detection using thermal cameras, ultrasound, vibration analysis, etc.

✓    Maintenance & mechanical workshops with machining or machining on site:

  •     Maintenance of machines
  •     Lubrication and greasing contracts
  •     Overhaul of pumps, valves, engines, etc.
  •     Machine shops (turning, milling, etc.)
  •     Repair and maintenance workshops for industrial valves, rotating machinery and bridge crane brakes

In piping for overhead and underground systems

Whether this is for a new construction or a renovation, we offer all the piping services needed to complete your projects. Our welding skills enjoy a unique recognition in the market.

Our network of prefabrication workshops enables us to organise our work in the best possible way, even under the constraints of tight schedules. The assembly of skids and various modules allows us to tackle the most complex projects.

 EQUANS_Piping & mechanical_P&M

Our solutions

✓    Design, isometrics and structural calculations

✓    Design, prefabrication and assembly of piping systems for all fluids in accordance with the usual standards, including high pressures and temperatures

✓    Carrying out work under the "Gas" law

✓    Experts in carbon steel, stainless steel, cast iron and synthetic materials, including reinforced fibreglass

✓    ASME and 10CFR50 classified piping system work in nuclear power plants

✓    High Purity Contracting and production of high purity piping systems

✓    Food and pharmaceutical piping system work

✓    Non-metallic piping and equipment (PP, HDPE, PVC, PVDF, GRE)

✓    Boring and directional drilling over long lengths

tuyau jet eau - usine

Bending: our expertise in induction bending

As the European leader and a major player in the manufacture of induction bends in all types of materials, we meet the requirements of quality and consistency. We comply with all international standards. In addition to induction activities, we can perform all types of welding work in the workshop to limit in situ activities.

Our projects


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Dockwater: an innovative desalination facility in the port of Antwerp


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