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Fire detection and protection

Fire prevention, detection or extinction, we have more than twenty years of recognised expertise in fire safety. We work on infrastructure and buildings of all sizes. Specialising in systems integration and risk management, we cover the full range of requirements and are technologically innovative in making our offers unique in the market due to their effectiveness and predictivity.

We support our customers from start to finish, particularly in the service or industrial sectors where strict requirements and regulations must be met, such as in the petrochemical and food industries, as well as in the pharmaceutical, distribution and logistics sectors.

Act quickly and effectively, whatever the type of incident

We offer integrated solutions that take into account the different aspects of our customers' safety and the occupants’ comfort. We actively strive to respond to the multiple causes of incidents and types of fire outbreaks, to detect and extinguish them as quickly as possible. We work on a wide range of solutions, from detection systems to sprinkler systems, from foam extinguishers to gas extinguishers.

We take charge of all projects in design, engineering, installation and maintenance, and offer a continuous service to meet all types of requirements and interventions

Effective fire detection and extinction solutions

Guaranteeing the reliability and quality of our offers, we ensure a very high level of quality for all fire prevention systems and related services implemented at our customers' sites.

Historically, we have developed our own fire panels in-house. We are constantly investing in the latest technology to offer the most advanced techniques.
In addition, we offer solutions that are fully compatible with existing systems. We are also Bosec (Belgian Organisation for Security Certification), VCA and Iso certified.


In the domain of personal and property protection, we are experts in all the methods for detecting and fighting fires and we are able to tailor our solutions to the risks of each of our customers.

Our smoke, flame and gas fire detection solutions are tailored to the space, requirements and objectives of each project.

We offer integration of "smart" cameras equipped with video content analysis (VCA) capable of detecting the presence of smoke at an early stage, even before a fire breaks out. They provide a response to specific needs and ensure that extinguishing systems only operate when necessary. They are also suitable for warehouses where the distance between the floor and the detectors located in the ceiling is very large.

Our solutions and offers at a glance

Advanced fire detection systems

Own fire detection system

Extinguishing systems:

  •     Approved automatic sprinkler systems
  •     Water-mist extinguishing system
  •     Low, medium and high expansion foam fire extinguishers for critical environments
  •     Hydrants and standpipes
  •     Indoor hose reels and wall hydrants with exposed pipes

✓ Integration with our Icaros+ system: your integrated building management platform


The expertise of a long-standing player in the installation and maintenance of security systems

Our experts ensure the implementation of any security project, from design to after-sales service. We design, develop, install and provide maintenance of the most advanced securitý solutions.

We provide security for high-tech buildings, technical surveillance of industrial facilities, integrated fire and theft prevention, camera surveillance systems and access control.


ICAROS+ or how to manage all your technical installations

With ICAROS+ we offer you a unique platform that enables you to manage all the technical installations in your buildings.

ICAROS+ takes care of your security systems, such as fire and intrusion detection, access control, technical alarms, video surveillance (CCTV) and video content analysis (VCA), but also air-conditioning, heating and ventilation (HVAC), car park access, broadcasting systems, and other aspects of building management. Our team of hardware and software specialists can integrate all existing (and future) solutions, whoever your suppliers may be, into the ICAROS+ system.

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