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Space management

Management and optimisation of office space

Reorganisation, relocation, renovation, changes in usage... You want to rethink the layout of your workplace or free up underused or even unoccupied space? EQUANS offers you reliable and scalable space management solutions that improve your competitiveness while enhancing the attractiveness of your organisation.


Our services :

✓    Exploratory studies

✓    Design and implementation of development projects

✓    Planning and management of removals and works

✓    Management of building plans

Design and layout of your spaces

Our approach combines efficiency, well-being and consumption reduction. Based on an exploratory study, we assess your current and future needs and propose an office layout that fits your company's reality. Interviews with key people, ergonomics, budget... Whether it's a small project or a large-scale building, our architects and project managers adapt to each request. Our goal? To guarantee you a global, stable and economical management of your workspaces.

Management of your 2D and 3D plans

Layout plans, safety plans, evacuation plans, HVAC or electrical plans... Through an integrated tool we allow you to have a global vision of your buildings. From the location of people (or equipment), the availability of workstations, to the occupancy rate of meeting rooms, our software helps you manage your workspaces through KPIs (key performance indicators) and regular reports. 

Planning and monitoring your move

Has the time come to implement your relocation program? We plan, coordinate and monitor your site down to the smallest detail. Selection of the people involved, coordination with Human Resources, support for the staff and acceptance of the work... We support you at every stage of your project.

Smart solutions

For less energy-consuming buildings and more pleasant environments to live in, we offer connected solutions that will enable you to optimise the use and occupation of your premises. Intelligent lighting, ambient sensors, access to the building via QR code... Thanks to the Internet of Things, you can improve the efficiency and comfort of your buildings.

Your benefits

✓    Cost & efficiency: You control your operating costs and the relevance of your investments.

✓    Well-being: You improve the quality of life and work of your employees and you create better communication dynamics.

✓    Adaptability: Your workspaces adapt to circumstances and support your organisational changes.

✓    Sustainability: Your facilities are part of a long-term approach with particular focus to optimising your energy consumption.

✓    Regulations: Your office spaces comply with legislation on health, well-being at work, prevention and the environment.

✓    Image: Through the chosen design, you reinforce your image and the identity of your company.



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