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News 2022-09-13

Indaver processes 3 times more PMD thanks to LMS Platform from EQUANS

News 2022-04-26

The first patient is admitted to the new oncology centre of the CHU Liège

News 2022-03-16

GHdC: comfort and safety for an XXL hospital

News 2022-02-09

Wave energy sector takes big step forward thanks to innovative SEA-TITAN project

News 2022-02-08

New prison in Haren: our multi-technical expertise serving a DBM project.

News 2022-01-17

4000 m² solar carport on the Goodyear site

News 2022-01-12

Energy-efficient swimming pool ready to open its doors in Aartselaar

News 2021-12-21

Delivery of the new head office for BNP Paribas Fortis, 3 rue Montagne du Parc

News 2021-12-16

Sustainable sports infrastructure: the city of Leuven invests in energy-efficient lighting for the football fields of Wijgmaal and Kessel-lo

News 2021-10-27

Ministry of Defence's largest aircraft hangar almost ready for operation

News 2021-10-21

A new climate-friendly cooling system for Aldi

News 2021-10-14

Two decades of energy savings at Liège University Hospital

News 2021-10-07

EQUANS helped build the largest ice-skating complex in Belgium

News 2021-10-01

Ariane 6: end of the construction works on the ELA-4 launch pad

News 2021-09-15

End of the installation works for our teams at the Jules Bordet Institute

News 2021-08-20

EQUANS designs an emergency air condenser unlike any other for the ENGIE power plant in Schaerbeek

News 2021-08-11

One partner to guarantee the continuity of ZNA installations

News 2021-08-09

A breeze of fresh air for the newest building at Adventure Valley Durbuy