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News 2021-07-19

Digitalisation and Management of Non-Core Activities at Mölnlycke

News 2021-07-13

Going green with hydrogen at INEOS Phenol: first test pilot project successful

News 2021-06-24

Efficient and eco-friendly refrigeration system for Vache Bleue

News 2021-03-24

Saint Bavo Cathedral: modern technologies to protect and improve cultural heritage

News 2021-03-03

Annual energy reduction of 15.5% at CHR Sambre et Meuse

News 2020-12-23

The Rogier Tower: a successful partnership that keeps growing

News 2020-11-20

High-tech crisis centre for the Brussels-Capital Region

News 2020-11-18

Silver Tower: a passive office tower in the heart of Brussels

News 2020-10-30

Induction bending: production of 422 induction bends for hydrogen ready pipelines to supply energy to car manufacturer

News 2020-10-08

Verviers CHR: a new, reliable and economic cold facility to feed critical installations

News 2020-09-24

LED lighting: reduction in energy consumption and enhanced comfort at bpost

News 2020-09-17

The Gooiker family now harvests solar energy in their fields

News 2020-09-15

Local and decentralised energy production in Chimay

News 2020-09-08

EQUANS builds the largest floating solar farm in Belgium

News 2020-09-07

EQUANS and Smulders win contract for the Saint-Brieuc offshore wind farm

News 2020-09-02

Cold production thanks to absorption cooling at Alpro

News 2020-09-01

Final offshore platform sets sail for Moray East offshore windfarm

News 2020-08-06

EQUANS installs sustainable technologies for the award-winning swimming pool in Aartselaar