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Renewable energy

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Challenges facing project developers, industrial companies and local authorities

How do you increase the share of renewable energy in the energy mix, guarantee the security of supply and increase your economic and environmental performance? As an energy sector player, these are the challenges you face every day. To respond to consumers’ new expectations and improve your competitiveness, are you looking for a partner who is able to support you in developing, building and maintaining your decentralised green energy production facilities? 

Our added value

Active for many years in the energy sector, EQUANS has know-how that covers different services. From building offshore substations to the maintenance of complete wind farms and the development of industrial photovoltaic systems or the implementation of urban heat networks that contribute to the emergence of eco-districts, we are constantly exploring innovative technologies to help the developers of major energy projects, companies and public authorities produce energy without CO2. In addition to our expertise in the photovoltaic sector, heat networks or offshore wind power, we’re also working to develop different alternative sources such as geothermal energy or biomass and biogas solutions.

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  • Solar energy
  • Offshore wind power
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