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Waterways and ports

More efficient and safer waterways

River and maritime navigation is a sustainable mode of transport with many advantages. More ecological and safer than the road, ideal for the transfer of goods, it drastically reduces the number of trucks on the road. Reducing CO2 emissions in this way, it is proving to be a key alternative to meet environmental challenges.

For maintenance and modernisation of waterways and port areas, EQUANS has great expertise in the field of installation and maintenance of the technical infrastructure of waterways and ports as well as in the field of electronic systems for maritime transport. Our mission? Optimising infrastructure for better equipped, more efficient and safer waterways.

Modernising and maintaining river infrastructure and civil engineering structures

From design to maintenance, EQUANS is involved in the electrical, electronic, electromechanical and hydraulic facilities of major infrastructures and civil engineering structures: bridges, locks, dams, boat lifts, equipment for hydroelectric power stations, etc.

We implement multi-technical projects in close collaboration with our customers and take into account the evolution of technology, legislation and standards.

From the design to the connection, including renovation of certain parts in the workshop, every detail is considered whether it is to design, modernise or renovate the oldest installations. We take care to respect budgetary constraints, but also to ensure the homogeneity of the systems, as well as the integrity of the equipment and safety of staff (during and after the installation).

EQUANS_Infrastructure de transport_Voies Navigeables_Ports

Equipment of port areas and maritime activities

Placing EQUANS on your port or maritime projects means benefiting from the Group's wide range of expertise, particularly in the control of strong and weak currents, in addition to automation work, supply and assembly of river and ports in the broad sense. It also means trusting expert teams attentive to the development of new uses.

EQUANS supports major national players, whether in Antwerp, Ghent, or Zeebrugge, in order to enhance the attractiveness of developments and support future developments.

Hydrometeorological systems, navigation guidance, signalling and communication, pumping, logistics and electricity production… all its expertise contributes to the revival of commercial and tourist maritime traffic.

Participating in the sustainability effort in ports, waterways and at sea

Intelligent and sustainable use of waterways is consistent with a policy of decarbonisation of uses. EQUANS helps to develop maritime and river traffic, thereby reducing polluting road traffic.
Whenever possible, we support the development of renewable energy, such as wind and waterpower, in port or river areas. With the ambition to make each of our customers energy self-sufficient.

Our solutions

1.    Electrical systems (shipping)
2.    Weather station, AIS and SCADA (offshore platforms)
3.    Measuring posts with water measurement sensors
4.    Measuring systems (wave height and tide, etc.)
5.    VTMS control room (Vessel Traffic Management System)
6.    Shipping signalling
7.    Radar towers
8.    High pressure pumping stations
9.    Remote control (bridges, locks, etc.)
10.  Control centre
11.  Beacons (airports)
12.  Adjustable weirs (on rivers and watercourses)

13.    Tactile fencing (to secure military installations, airports, etc.)
14.    Fish trap or fish passage
15.    Hydroelectric power stations (with Archimedes screw)
16.    Water production centre
17.    Water purification installations
18.    Shore power
19.    Leading lights
20.    Inland locks
21.    Water treatment (Public Swimming pools)
22.    Pumping stations
23.    Moveable bridges
24.    Sea locks

Electromechanical equipment of hydraulic systems

✓    Sea locks with sliding gates
✓    River locks with mitre gates and lift gates
✓    Counterweight, lift and swing bridges
✓    Adjustable segment dams, inflatable dams and boom dams
✓    Guard gates for water management
✓    Inclined planes and hydraulic lifts
✓    Conventional and Archimedean screw hydropower plants
✓    Pumping stations
✓    Automatic or non-automatic screens
✓    Automation and monitoring of civil engineering structures (PLC network, Scada)
✓    Electricity terminals on quays for river and maritime navigation
✓    Maintenance

EQUANS_Infrastructure detransport_Voies Navigeables_Ports
EQUANS_Infrastructure detransport_Voies Navigeables_Ports

Technicals for waterways and navigation

✓    Remote control and remote monitoring of civil engineering structures
✓    Development of technical buildings, service buildings, remote control and remote monitoring centrals
✓    Land-based electrical bollards for maritime navigation and inland navigation
✓    Access monitoring, public address systems, CCTV installation and mariphony
✓    Dredging information systems and water management systems
✓    Navigation assistance and radar systems
✓    Port light beaconing and maritime signalling

Telemetry and remote management systems

✓    On- and offshore hydrometeorological systems consisting of sensors, acquisition, logging and visualisation
✓    On- and offshore nautical navigation means (AIS, VTS, radar, DGPS, ATIS and AWOS)
✓    On- and offshore maritime signalling
✓    On- and offshore CCTV
✓    Maritime infrastructure: buildings, data centres, masts, etc.
✓    Marine electricity
✓    Maritime communication means (VHF, UHF, 4G, 5G, etc.)

Application of renewable energy (wind energy and via wave conversion)

EQUANS_Infrastructure de transport_Voies Navigeables_Ports

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