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Road network and mobility

Improving mobility and user safety

Ensuring the flow of traffic and improving road safety, putting in place ‘intelligent’ technologies and supporting the development of new uses are major challenges for towns, cities and regions.

From speed checks, road lighting and tunnel modernisation to vehicle charging infrastructure or connected mobility systems, road and mobility management requires many technical skills.

Added to these skills is the ability to meet energy efficiency requirements. EQUANS masters all this expertise in order to prepare tomorrow’s road networks and mobility with its clients.

men in tunnel

Road infrastructure, tunnels and car parks

Present on the infrastructure for over fifty years, EQUANS supports its clients with all their needs in terms of electromechanical equipment for roads and public infrastructure such as tunnels and car parks.

Lighting, ventilation, technical installation automation, security systems, fire prevention, etc. we act as a single point of contact and are not only responsible for execution but the coordination of these various services as well. To guarantee optimal support, monitoring and tailored, long-term maintenance are provided. Our technicians respond 24 hours a day along roads, in tunnels and in car parks.

Smart Mobility: a comprehensive offering of ‘smart’ solutions

Equans - Solution réseau routier

1. ANPR & trajectory speed control
2. Cameras for speed and red light control
3. Detection and security cameras
4. Tunnel lighting
5. Tunnel ventilation
6. HV and LV tunnel installations
7. Barriers
8. Dynamic traffic management
9. Intercom installations
10. Arrow-cross signs

11. Parking guidance
12. Cloud/Smart Infra/IOT
13. Wireless communication (wifi/bluetooth)
14. Vehicle to vehicle communication
15. Mobile apps for road users
16. Public lighting
17. Electrical vehicule charging infrastructure
18. Contour lighting
19. Control center

There are various technologies that optimise the traffic flow, reduce CO2 emissions and improve users’ quality of life and safety in towns and cities and on roads.
Thanks to its technical expertise in the infrastructure sector, EQUANS is able to offer a range of comprehensive, smart mobility solutions that help improve mobility in towns and cities.

✓ Intelligent Transport Systems

ITSs are innovative technological systems that connect different services and tools in the city (cameras, various sensors, variable message signs, etc.) to various transport methods (cars, trams, underground, etc.) and traffic management software. The ITS, for example, gives citizens detailed information in real time on the traffic status to that they can adapt their itinerary to the situation.

✓ Dynamic traffic management (DTM) systems

Intelligent digital signage boards provide drivers with information in real time on the traffic lane they are in, journey times or alternative routes in the event of an accident.

✓ Variable message signs (VMS)

VMS signs are generally used above motorway traffic lanes to inform drivers above various factors that may influence their journey. Their surface and the LED technology they use display both icons and written messages.

✓ Intelligent traffic lights

Thanks to the information sent by electronic sensors built into the road, intelligent traffic lights are able to analyse the density of traffic and adapt when they turn green to the situation.

✓ Parking guidance systems

Using electronic signs, dynamic parking guidance systems guide drivers towards free parking spaces, taking the traffic density into account.

✓ ANPR cameras

ANPR is the acronym for Automatic Number Plate Recognition. These cameras monitor flagged vehicles, check low emission zones and even counteract cut-through traffic.

✓ CCTV and AID cameras

CCTV cameras and AID (automatic incident detection) cameras are used to flag incidents on roads or in tunnels, detect smoke emissions or check the rate of occupation in a specific zone. The are used to monitor zones and check travel.

DBFM(O) projects: an overall perspective and an integrated approach

Whether in the transport infrastructure or tertiary sector, EQUANS is a benchmark player for large DBFM(O) projects [Design - Build - Finance - Maintain – Operate].

Thanks to our cross-functional technical expertise, we’re able to manage your projects from the design to construction, financing, management and maintenance of your infrastructure.

By choosing a DBFM(O) formula, you base your construction projects on the sustainability, quality and availability of your new infrastructure, as well and above all on a long-term obligation towards results from EQUANS.
This management formula guarantees the services desired, by incorporating each management and maintenance element from the design phase.

signage on motorways

Our solutions

Electromechanical equipment on the roads and in vehicles

✓    Vehicle identification, classification and counting
✓    Smart lighting with LEDs and architectural and sports ground lighting
✓    Traffic controllers for traffic light installations
✓    Traffic cameras (CCTV – AID – ANPR)
✓    Speed control systems (speed – red lights – Point to Point)
✓    Fibre optic and Hertzian communication network
✓    Information signs and LED variable message signs
✓    ITS: sensoring, OBU, back office, C-Roads, smart city (IOT), low emission zone
✓    Weight in motion
✓    Automation and supervision
✓    Maintenance Long Term

man repairing traffic light
tunnel maintenance

Civil engineering structure electromechanical equipment (tunnels, car parks, etc.):

✓    Lighting, ventilation and power
✓    Installation of radio cables and radiating cables
✓    Smoke extraction and CO2 detection system
✓    Pumping stations
✓    Fire extinguishing systems
✓    Signalling
✓    Vehicle identification, classification and counting
✓    Automation and supervision
✓    Detection and surveillance cameras
✓    Information signs
✓    Backup generators
✓    Maintenance Long Term

Security & anti-fire systems

✓    Signalling
✓    Access and intrusion control
✓    Telephony, radio installation
✓    Vehicle identification, classification and counting
✓    Automation, monitoring, ITS and supervision
✓    Detection and surveillance cameras
✓    Information signs
✓    Backup generators in the event of a power outage
✓    Laying cables and pipes

man installing surveillance camera

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