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Pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry

Our tailor-made solutions for an ultra-controlled sector

In the pharmaceutical sector, the slightest quality deviation or contamination of the substances produced, directly affects human health. This is why your processes or facilities are audited by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and health authorities. EQUANS helps you meet the highest standards for traceability and validity. With more than 40 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, we offer you tailor-made, documented and complete solutions, while respecting your deadlines and your budgets.

Sensitive environments

Whether it is for the design of a new industrialisation unit, for the construction of a laboratory or the creation of a spin-off, are you looking for a specialised partner capable of taking charge of all your equipment, including your critical installations? Our experience in sensitive environments lets us design and carry out installation or maintenance projects using best practices.

Quality and safety

High precision production processes, high quality criteria, hygiene standards, purity constraints… We are qualified to work in the most demanding sectors and act with all the flexibility and agility required. In terms of automation and digitalisation of equipment, we have a team of engineers trained to manage projects according to a complete set of validation procedures (PICS, ICH, ASTM, EDQM, ISPM). These procedures have been successfully audited by several major pharmaceutical companies.

Refrigeration installations and temperature control

Confronted with the high quality of your products (drugs, vaccines or medical solutions), cold management and temperature control of your processes are strategic issues for your sector.

We do not hesitate to participate in your reflection on your plans and projects. Refrigeration, freezing, preservation… Thanks to our extensive knowledge of the equipment available, we advise you on the best way to ensure the stability of your products and guarantee the cold chain.

Our aim? To optimise your operating costs through ecological, innovative and competitive installations. And it starts with the design of your facilities.

Particulate-free environment

In cleanrooms, we ensure that the defined standards are met, whether in terms of particle size and density or the maximum permissible bacterial concentration. Design, installation and maintenance… We can support you from start to finish, until the return to service after maintenance operations. Our technology watch also enables us to reduce or even exclude any source of contamination or soiling during research or production in cleanrooms. 

Winning the race against time

To stand out against the competition, are you looking to bring your innovations to market as quickly as possible?

To help you meet the challenge, EQUANS takes care of all your installation work, including calibration, within very short deadlines. Installation of sterile electrical installations, piping work (overhead, buried or clean piping), fire detection, integration of automation or supervision systems, etc.

Whether you want to build a new plant for vaccine production or create an experimental cell therapy unit, our experienced teams put their know-how at your service, respecting your traceability and validity constraints.


Energy Management

In the pharmaceutical industry, guaranteeing the continuity of its production and reducing its ecological impact are also major challenges. The supply of thermal and electrical energy cannot experience any interruption. This is why we multiply the different sources of energy: conventional power supply from the grid, emergency generators, cogeneration units, photovoltaic panels, etc. To reduce your consumption, we also carry out audits aimed at improving your energy efficiency. Thanks to precise monitoring of your utilities and processes, we help you control your expenses and detect the slightest anomaly.


Integrated Facility Management

Finally, to allow you to focus on your core business, you can entrust us with the maintenance of your technical equipment, as well as your soft services (services related to the occupants of your building).

This global approach guarantees you time savings and greater serenity in the long term. Maintenance of technical equipment, management of your utilities, as well as site monitoring, catering, waste management, cleaning services… Based on KPIs (key performance indicators) and SLAs, we strive to optimise your performance and reduce your operational costs.

Our skills and services in the Pharma sector

Electricity & Instrumentation

✓    Cleanrooms
✓    Instrumentation and Calibration
✓    ULV, LV, HV
✓    Networks, Fibre Optic
✓    Fire protection, access control
✓    Analytical systems
✓    Tracing, Earth, lighting industry

Industrial Mechanics & Piping

✓    Assembly of electromechanical equipment
✓    Installation of boilers
✓    Metal construction
✓    Overhead and underground piping
✓    Piping all materials
✓    Insulation
✓    Skids
✓    Clean Piping
✓    Cooling/heating networks

Project management & Engineering

    Basic & detailed engineering
    Functional design specifications
    Hardware design specifications
    Software design specifications
    Engineering instrumentation
    Electrical drawings


✓    Occasional interventions (on-site and work in workshops)
✓    Preventive maintenance
✓    Maintenance Engineering
✓    Maintenance Contracting
✓    Maintenance 4.0.



✓    PLC (Siemens, Rockwell, Schneider, etc.)
✓    SCADA (Siemens, Wonderware, Citect, Panorama, etc.)
✓    DCS (Siemens, Emerson, Yokogawa, etc.)
✓    Process Control (Bioreactors, C. Clarif, Ultrafilt, etc.)
✓    Monitoring Process
✓    Data management – Data Base (InSQL, PI, etc.)
✓    Qualification

Controlled Pharma Processes

✓    Water loops: PW (purified water), WFI (Water For Injection), PS (Pure Steam)
✓    Gas distribution loops (CAI, CAP, N2, O2, etc.)
✓    Washing machine
✓    SIP (Sterilisation In Place), CIP (Cleaning In Place)
✓    Bioreactor vessels
✓    Media Preparation Vessels
✓    Harvest vessels - centrifugation
✓    Filtration and purification units
✓    Maturing tanks
✓    Inactivation tanks
✓    Acidification vessels
✓    Filling stations
✓    Decontamination stations
✓    Neutralisation stations


Our expertise serving the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry

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