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Cooling services and installations

Cold chain guaranteed for industrial processes, retail and transport

EQUANS controls the whole cold chain: we specialise in cooling techniques and design, build and manage commercial and industrial refrigeration installations in many business sectors. For example, we’re a trusted partner to the (petro)chemical sector, the pharmaceutical industry, the food industry, agriculture, large-scale distribution and even the sports and recreation sector! We offer tailored support that covers the entire cold chain, from multi-technical solutions to response and maintenance.

Optimising cooling processes and reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions are constant concerns in EQUANS’s activities in terms of cooling services and installation. These challenges are present with our experts at each stage from the design to installation of your refrigeration project.

All-round expertise

✓    Industries
Cooling systems for industrial and chemical processes, reactors, distillation towers, storage tanks, non-food production, etc.

✓    Food & beverages
Tailored solutions for cooling in brewery, malting plant, bakery, dairy, drinks manufacturer, slaughterhouse, fast & convenience food and snack production processes...

✓    Pharma and (Petro)chemical
Cooling for labs, cleanrooms, research centres, data centres, production rooms, etc.

✓    Sports and leisure centres
Solutions for ice rinks and indoor ski slopes including artificial snow production

✓    Agri-food & food
Preservation and freezing installations and flash-freezing tunnels

✓    Retail
Freezing and refrigeration installations of all sizes for shops, supermarkets, distribution centres, storage halls, agricultural companies, etc.

✓    Storage
High-bay warehouses (positive temperature and negative temperature)


Cooling in commercial and industrial applications

With long-term experience in building industrial refrigeration installations, we work everywhere in Europe and are able to optimise the life cycle of your installations. EQUANS is involved from design to commissioning, management to maintenance on fully automated and environmentally friendly cooling projects. We have a perfect understanding of the current national standards and advise our customers on multiple parameters.

Thanks to innovations in refrigeration, heating and freezing technologies, we help you obtain the best product quality and a sustainable production process, which results in better commercial results.

✓    Gradual elimination of synthetic refrigerants and replacement with natural refrigerants (NH3, CO2, etc.)

✓    Long-term and service-included maintenance contracts

✓    Customised chillers and air-conditioners with optional free cooling

✓    Sustainable absorption cooling systems, heat recovery and heat pumps

✓    Preliminary study and ‘on-site’ study with or without measurements and analyses

Towards ecological and lower energy consumption installations

We support companies that still use synthetic gases with a high ‘Global Warming Potential’ (GWP) value in their energy transition to implement natural or low GWP refrigerants and low carbon installations. In addition to ammoniac, we have expertise in installations using carbon dioxide, propane or synthetic HFO (Low GWP) and free cooling which is based on the Thermosiphon principle.

✓    Natural refrigerants and low GWP synthetic HFOs

✓    Thermosiphon process cooling

✓    Maximum heat recovery systems (+/- 100°C)

✓    CO2 recovery, purification, condensation and storage

✓    Thermal energy storage

✓    Cooling by absorption

✓    Adiabatic cooling

✓    Smart PLC management

✓    Heat pump (separate system or ‘add-on’ to the cooling installation)


Reducing the costs of commercial installations

Cooling costs are rapidly increasing in the retail sector and distribution centres. By offering tailored solutions adapted to each individual situation and environment, we help our clients reduce their energy bill. We also have plug-and-play commercial refrigeration installations that are environmentally friendly and based on natural or low-GWP refrigerants.

Our expertise in cooling and preservation

Air-conditioning of production and storage areas, office spaces, laboratories, etc.

✓    HVAC equipment design, construction and maintenance
✓    climatic chambers
✓    compressed air units
✓    VRV, VRF and H-VRF heat pumps

Refrigeration and storage of raw materials and finished products for retail and distribution centers

✓    Energy-efficient refrigeration appliances
✓    Cold rooms and freezers (including isothermal cells)
✓    Refrigeration and freezing tunnels
✓    Flash freezing
✓    Chilled water production and distribution

Industrial process cooling

✓    Equipping machine rooms for hot and cold production
✓    Outdoor monoblock cooling systems
✓    ATEX installations
✓    Free cooling
✓    Condensation technology
✓    ULO storage
✓    Process control
✓    Heat recovery
✓    Combination/integration with a heat pump

Cooling installations for agriculture

✓    Mechanical refrigeration
✓    Thermosiphon refrigeration
✓    Condensation drying
✓    Heat recovery, which may or may not be combined with a heat pump
✓    Automation of the preservation process, with adaptation of the optimal cooling capacity based on the measured temperature and the hygrometry
✓    Ultra Low Oxygen (ULO) preservation equipment
✓    Dynamic Controlled Atmosphere – DCA

Energy optimisation of existing installations

✓    Taking measurements to map operation and energy consumption
✓    Energy studies (processing measurement data, optimising the concept, modifying the refrigerant fluid, etc.)
✓    CFD studies to map the air flows or temperature (temperature distribution in a freezer with stacked products, air flow in a drying chamber or through ducts, etc.)
✓    Optimisation of the existing installation for heat and/or cold production (in terms of concept, refrigerant fluid, regulation, product arrangement, ducts, etc.)
✓    Monitoring the installation and full client handover (also for new installations)

Gradius or cutting-edge refrigerated transport

Through our subsidiary Gradius, we provide comprehensive solutions in the field of refrigerated transport. As an official distributor, we sell, install and maintain the refrigeration unit of the market leaders Thermo King and Frigoblock. Both insulating trucks and lifting refrigeration crates for larger trucks and tail-lifts are among the possibilities.

Any form of customised work is possible, for any make and type of vehicle or truck, including electric vehicles.

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