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Integrated Facility Management

Building management and occupant services

Multinationals, industries, railway stations, hospitals... In addition to the maintenance of your technical equipment, would you like to outsource all (or part) of services to the occupants of your building? Our IFM (Integrated Facility Management) offer provides the perfect solution for your needs. Maintenance of your technical equipment, green space management, office management, catering... Our maintenance, cleaning, catering, receptionist and handymen teams are there to help you. But that's not all! By using a single service provider such as EQUANS, you can optimise your site's energy efficiency and operating costs in the long term. Savings can be as high as 15 or 20%, depending on the type of building...


Our integrated facility management services:

✓    Hard services (building services): heating and ventilation, cooling, electricity, emergency power, renewable energy, water/steam, water treatment, lifts/automatic doors, critical installations, data and telecom, etc.

✓    Soft services (occupant services): service desk, cleaning, green space management, catering, reception, mailroom and distribution, minor repairs, new office management

✓    Workspace Management: storage of information and plans, monitoring of space occupation and detection of opportunities, advice on optimal use of space, Move Management, monitoring of space costs, cleaning and maintenance services

✓    Asset management:  optimisation of empty spaces, creation of co-working centres

Global offer for buildings

In order to free themselves from certain time-consuming tasks, more and more companies and local authorities are wanting to outsource occupant services in addition to the technical management of their site(s). Our Integrated Facility Management offer focuses on cost optimisation and user satisfaction. It combines hard services (technical management of buildings) and soft services (services to occupants). Our added value? Optimising the operation and environmental performance of your technical equipment, making your buildings smarter and environmentally friendly, and providing safety and comfort for your occupants.

EQUANS_Maintenance Exploitation_Facility management Integre_IFM
EQUANS_Maintenance Exploitation_Facility management Integre_IFM

Facility management in industry

In the industrial sector, for example, being able to focus on your core business, namely the production processes, is essential. To improve the overall performance of your facilities, our teams pay attention to every detail: maintenance of refrigeration compressors, optimisation of energy or fluids, repair of a lock, mail management, cleaning of sanitary facilities outside working hours, etc. And to enable you to contact our staff at any time, we provide you with our Facility Management Information System (FMIS) solution This powerful digital tool increases the speed with which our technicians act. It also enables providing transparent reporting of the maintenance activities carried out by our teams on your site.

Our 6-step approach

Our IFM service offer is flexible and scalable. Although we adapt our working method to the corporate culture and the needs of our customers, it is based on 6 essential steps:

EQUANS_Maintenance Exploitation_Facility management Integre_IFM

Your benefits

✓    Cost control: optimisation of the total operating cost of the buildings, optimisation of subcontractors (e.g. synergies between the various intermediaries on site), setting up a purchasing strategy, etc.

✓    Single point of contact and tailor-made solutions

✓    Detailed reporting, using the most powerful tools on the market

✓    Sustainability of the facilities and well-being of the occupants

✓    Energy efficiency with performance commitments


Our references


Plus de 25 ans de gestion technique et énergétique pour le bâtiment Justus Lipsius : une collaboration réussie de longue durée


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