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Greater energy efficiency for less CO2

Are you looking to reduce the energy bill of your industrial site or building and your CO2 emissions and acquire greater autonomy from the market? Cogeneration is one of the innovative solutions that can help you take part in the energy transition. Specialising in biogas and natural gas cogeneration, EQUANS has over twenty years’ experience in applying this technology, both in the tertiary and industrial sectors. We offer a comprehensive solution, from the feasibility study to maintenance and a 24/7 response.

Heating and electricity all in one

The cogeneration mechanism is based on the combined production of energy (electricity + thermal energy) from a single primary resource (gas, wood or biogas). This technology therefore enables you to produce electricity and heat simultaneously. This production combination enables you to make energy savings.

A motor or turbine, powered by gas for example, turns a generator that will produce electricity. This will generally be reinjected into the public electricity grid. The heat produced in the process (which is usually lost) will be recovered by heat exchangers and used for heating and hot water.

From large industry to service companies

Although the production from cogeneration was initially reserved for large energy and heat producers, like in the industrial sector, today it is open to all sizes of company in all sectors.

At the end of an in-depth analysis of needs and consumption, EQUANS is able to offer this technological solution to very diverse players, such as retirement homes for example, and to adapt to all types of customers. The Group offers a guarantee of performance and infrastructure availability, as well as remote infrastructure management solutions.


The benefits of cogeneration

✓    A better energy yield: cogeneration enables you to save 15 to 20% of primary energy.

✓    Lower CO2 emissions: heating and electricity are produced locally in a decentralised manner. Combined with the best yield, the system reduces CO2 relating to infrastructure energy consumption by 25%.

✓    Up to 30% reduction on energy bills: the heat traditionally lost in electricity conversion is completely used to heat the building or to get hot water. The electricity produced is mainly consumed on site, which enables you to avoid distribution costs.

Our solutions & services

✓    Sizing analysis

✓    Feasibility studies

✓    Design

✓    Profitability calculation

✓    Writing applications for subsidies and allowances

✓    All the cogeneration installation works

✓    Integration of cogeneration units (hydraulic, electrical and automation)

✓    Commissioning

✓    Maintenance and revisions

✓    24/7 response service

✓    Financing


Constant monitoring for your peace of mind

With EQUANS, your cogeneration installation is in good hands. Our team has over 70 years’ experience in technical management.

We work with a permanent remote monitoring system. This system automatically and immediately reports any problem in a cogeneration installation to the EQUANS operations centre. Our centre instantly has the appropriate experts respond.

More than twenty years’ expertise at your service

Our cogeneration team comprises experienced engineers, experts and technicians. They guarantee an impeccable service. Each employee constantly trains and is permanently assessed. Experts in a specific field can count on support from other experts in turn. Our organisation is fully adapted to ensure that the studies, installation, commissioning and maintenance run properly and smoothly. We have the essential ability and know-how to act quickly and effectively in each situation.

Our references


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