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Rail infrastructure

How can we develop transport infrastructures, accelerate the transition to more efficient and sustainable mobility, and continue to improve user safety?

The development of public transport infrastructure is a priority to increase the attractiveness and responsible management of cities and territories. Rail and railway networks play an essential role in meeting the challenges of energy efficiency, fluidity of travel and optimisation of traffic.

Optimising tram, metro and rail infrastructure

Whether for the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of your electrical and electromechanical installations and equipment for tram, metro and rail infrastructures, we support our customers throughout the entire chain of their technical needs. With the safety of people and facilities as an absolute priority.

EQUANS_infrastructure de transport_Rail
EQUANS_infrastructure de transport_Rail

Unique know-how on and around rail

EQUANS Belgium supports its customers on all modes of transport, whether public or collective, dedicated to people or goods. For more than 40 years, we have been designing and implementing efficient, clean, safe, effective and attractive systems.

We act through three major areas: the electrification of infrastructures in favour of carbon-free mobility; systems expertise serving performance and safety; digitalisation of services for better efficiency and passenger experience.

A team of experts and a global offer

Installation of new tram lines, signalling systems, overhead wire projects, lighting in stations, intercom systems, HVAC installations, security systems, maintenance activities... our field of work is broad both in the country's stations and along railway lines or in metro stations, such as in Brussels.

We offer our customers a single point of contact and are able to combine different needs such as the replacement of high voltage cables in a section of the metro, renovation of ventilation ducts and maintenance of signalling. Work grouped in this way is carried out more efficiently and more quickly.

Our solutions and services

1. Electric power supply
2. Overhead line
3. Railroad switch control
4. Real-time information
5. Ticket vending machines
6. Traveller information panels
7. Electrical vehicule charging infrastructure
8. Signalling cabinets

  9. Cloud/Smart Infra/IOT
10. Platform equipments (lighting, sound & time systems, ...)
11. Tunnel equipments (radio, ventilation, gas detection, ...)
12. Railway station equipments (fire detection, CCTV, public address systems, ventilation, ...)
13. Railway signalling
14. Radio communication
15. Control center/dispatch
16. Equipments for rolling stock

Electromechanical work (High Voltage)

✓ High voltage substations and traction substations (up to 240 kV)

✓ Recovery and transformation substations

✓ Earthworks, excavation and wiring

✓ Lighting, heating, ventilation and motive power

✓ Pumping stations, pipelines and piping

✓ Equipment for stations, platforms, bridges and tunnels

✓ Cabins, switchboards, cells and transformers

✓ DC equipment

✓ Equipment for depots and workshops for trams, metros and trains

Electromechanical work (Low Voltage)

✓ Fibre optic cables

✓ Security (intrusion and fire detection, CCTV, etc.)

✓ Information panels for travellers

✓ Communication equipment (telecom, data, etc.)

✓ Tunnel equipment (radio, dynamic evacuation guidance system, etc.)

✓ Equipment for platforms and stations

✓ Automation, telemetry and monitoring

✓ Low current equipment on rolling stock (bus and tram)


Overhead wires & Signalling

✓ Preparatory studies, execution, assembly and connection of overhead wires

✓ Safety signalling (ETCS, TBL, etc.)

✓ Train detection

✓ Switch control and heating

✓ Installation and connection of cables

✓ Earthworks, excavation and digging

✓ Signal boxes

✓ Under-road boreholes

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