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Solar energy - Monitoring and Maintenance

EQUANS offers different formulas for intervention, monitoring and maintenance, if you wish with a yield guarantee.

EQUANS offers you different formulas for intervention and maintenance, as you wish with a yield guarantee. Our monitoring system keeps a constant eye on the yield of your installation and raises the alarm as soon as any deviation occurs. In that case, our technicians will come to your site immediately and make sure that your photovoltaic system is once again performing optimally.

Real-time monitoring from our monitoring center


    ✓ Over 300 installations
    ✓ Power plant controlling

    ✓ Custom SCADA system

O&M: preventative, corrective, cleaning, …


   ✓ Key aspect: Performance warranty:
    ✓ Guaranteed Performance Ratio

    ✓ Availability guarantee

Executed with trained local partners

Thanks to our yield guarantee you can sleep on both ears

EQUANS offers up to 20 years warranty on the entire installation. This allows us to guarantee a yield in function of the solar radiation.

Guaranteed minimum return

At EQUANS, you can choose a maintenance contract with a comprehensive guarantee in the form of a yield guarantee with a penalty clause. We guarantee you a guaranteed minimum return. We determine this before the installation is installed, according to a number of parameters and on the basis of solar radiation.


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