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Offshore Monitoring and Maintenance services

We offer full monitoring and multidisciplinary maintenance services for entire offshore wind farms. This includes the monitoring and maintenance of substations, wind turbines, hardware, software, low, medium and high-voltage installations…


In-house monitoring and maintenance capabilities

✓ Maintenance Engineering and Management

✓ Offshore Technical Services

✓ Offshore Substation (Commissioning, E&I, LV/MV/HV and AUX systems inspection and maintenance)

✓ Balance of Plant (Cathodic Protection Inspection and Installation, Grout Repairs, TP Inspection and Maintenance)

✓ WTG (OEM Turbine Servicing, Statutory and Turbine Inspections)

✓ Technical Support Mobilisation (Marine Logistics)

✓ Technical Personnel Supply

✓ Troubleshooting

New digital solutions for increased performance

EQUANS is investing heavily in digitalisation for better monitoring and increased control on the OPEX costs of the offshore wind farm.


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