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Water treatment

Ensuring water quality

Faced with demographic evolution, climate challenges and the risks of micro-pollution, water has become a major issue on a global scale. With its experience and expertise in the field of water management, EQUANS helps industrial companies and water managers to respond to the economic, social and environmental challenges they face. Treatment plants, detoxification processes, purification systems, pumping stations... We work on all the installations relating to the water cycle. Our mission? To offer you comprehensive and innovative solutions that optimise water quality, reduce your costs and meet the strictest standards.

Water treatment

Decontaminating river water

Many water courses, which were highly polluted thirty years ago, are once again attractive for nature, leisure and as living environments. Active in the construction of purification stations since the beginning of 1980s, EQUANS is taking part in this development and placing its know-how in terms of waste water at your service.  Whether this is a new construction or renovation, our highly-qualified engineers and technicians support you throughout all the phases of your project.

Archimedes’s screws, watersheds, tunnels... If necessary, we supplement your process with a rainwater pumping station.

Our aim? To improve the efficiency of your treatment unit in accordance with the highest safety and quality standards. With constant attention to your installations’ energy efficiency.

Guaranteeing drinking water quality

In terms of drinking water production, the aim is to meet even stricter requirements for river water. Water treatment and analyses involve very specific purification processes and techniques.

Here too, EQUANS supports yon in the design, installation, commissioning and operation of your electromechanical installations. With many references to our credit, we work on all kinds of installation: measurement chambers, pre-treatment, filtration, disinfection as well as UV treatment – to destroy the most harmful bacteria present in the water – or water softening installations – to eliminate limestone in underground water.

Protecting water resources

Constantly looking for new processes and more effective treatments, we also make our contribution to the fight against water scarcity.

In the short term, the challenge consists of producing drinking water from wastewater or desalinating sea water to supply our coastal region and the industrial companies near the ports. In close collaboration with our clients and partners, we’re working on several projects that are moving in this direction.

Our ambition? Accelerating the transition towards more sustainable water consumption.


Managing industrial companies’ water cycle

Detoxification of wastewater, production of demineralised water, recycling process water in a closed circuit, etc. EQUANS also serves industrial companies whose water management is not their core business, but which consume large quantities of water (such as in the agri-food, chemical or aeronautical industry, for example).

In this case, finding a reliable partner to manage and maintain your installations is essential. Our teams are able to operate your treatment station by finding the best correspondence between your operating permit and the environmental standards. For physico-chemical or biological analyses, we have several in-house chemists who oversee observance of discharge standards on a daily basis. Our aim? To guarantee efficient water treatment with an optimal level of cost.


Treating swimming pool water

Finally, if you manage a swimming pool or wellness centre, please feel free to contact EQUANS!

Active in private and public swimming pools and in possession of a specific laboratory, we have long-term experience in operating aquatic facilities. Water quality checks and analyses, hygiene condition checks and meticulous observance of comfort requirements, water temperature or odour elimination...

Our teams ensure that your installations comply with the current regulations so that your users can enjoy a moment’s relaxation in total safety.

Our expertise supporting the water treatment sector

Our references


Dockwater: an innovative desalination facility in the port of Antwerp


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