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Thermal power plants

Reducing CO2 emissions and securing the electricity supply

Our current lifestyles consume a lot of energy. To meet individuals, industrial companies and local authorities’ electricity needs, diversifying the production methods and improving installations’ yield is essential today. Beyond traditional thermal power plants, EQUANS helps build and maintain combined-cycle thermal power plants which emit low levels of CO2. This type of power plant is more ecological and consumes less energy than traditional power plants. The respond to consumption peaks with a better yield.

Industries_Thermal power stations

What’s a combined-cycle thermal power plant?

In the technical jargon, they are called steam-gas turbine plants. Unlike traditional power plants (with a gas turbine), these power plants ‘combine’ a steam cycle and gas cycle. Specialising in the energy sector EQUANS helps build these latest-generation installations. The key? Flexible units that take over from solar or wind power when these fail to produce enough...

Multi-technical expertise

Turbine, alternator, air condenser, steam power, cooling water circuits... EQUANS can work on every stage of your project. From calculations and design to realisation and commissioning, we have broad expertise in terms of monitoring and building the Balance of Plant part. Civil engineering, mechanical works, piping, electricity or instrumentation... Our teams are able to take care of large installation projects, in Belgium and abroad.

For optimal performance

Rectification of turbine blades, revision of your mechanical equipment, calibration, valve or safety valve repair... In addition to the modernisation or construction of your power plants, we’re also at your disposal for the maintenance of your existing installations. With specialised workshops spread across the whole country, we work on demand, on our premises or on your site, to ensure that your equipment operates properly. Our aim? To guarantee availability and optimise the yield of your power plants.


Industries Thermal power stations

Towards a sustainable, CO2-neutral future

Finally, to build a sustainable, CO2-neutral future, EQUANS provides its knowledge in terms of thermal power plants and energy production to its clients and partners. Do you want to improve the energy efficiency of an existing power plant or find a way to power your plant with greener energy sources (such as hydrogen, for example)? Please let us know. We’ll discuss your project together.

Our expertise supporting thermal power plants

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EQUANS designs an emergency air condenser unlike any other for the ENGIE power plant in Schaerbeek


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