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Steel industry

Our solutions to optimise your production line

Recycling of rare metals, production of hot or cold rolled sheets or coils... As an industrialist in the metallurgy sector, profitability and continuity of your production are essential. From upgrading your facilities (revamping) to creating new production lines, maintaining your equipment or troubleshooting 24/7, EQUANS helps you improve the quality and pace of your production. With more than 30 years of experience with the country's largest steelmakers, we are able to provide you with complete and tailor-made solutions, independent of any supplier.

Integrated approach

Steel, stainless steel, zinc, aluminium… Whether you want to develop your recycling process or modernise your cold rolling line, our teams find the solution best suited to your needs. Drive controls, welding, production IT, MES (Manufacturing Execution System), speed, traction or position regulation… Our knowledge covers all steel manufacturing processes (thermal, chemical, vacuum, plasma, etc.) and all types of installations: galvanising, painting, annealing, flat levelling, rolling, etc. Based on your needs, we work on the entire production line or we focus on a section. 

Engineering and automation

The establishment or optimisation of a production line is only of interest if it can be profitable in the short or medium term. When it comes to process engineering and control, our Process teams help you design plants that give you the best return on investment. Our aim? To offer you a turnkey solution that fits perfectly into your environment. Independent of any supplier, we advise you in a totally objective manner. Once the sizing and design stage is complete, our engineers oversee the project implementation work and ensure that operations run smoothly.


Complete management of your project

In terms of installation, we also seek to create a perfect symbiosis between all techniques: electricity, instrumentation, mechanics, piping, hydraulic systems, programming of PLCs, control desks, control rooms... Here too, the experience of our organisation in the steel industry and our habits in terms of outage management guarantee you work that meets your requirements. Testing, commissioning, production... We only leave the premises when everything works impeccably. After our departure, we remain by your side, guaranteeing you 24/7 assistance.

Energy maintenance and management

Is your production line active and must run continuously? In a sector where the slightest failure can have serious consequences on the profitability of your business, we ensure the reliability of your equipment. Preventive, curative servicing or conditional maintenance monitoring: we take care of your facilities by implementing the best monitoring tools. Ease of diagnosis, assistance with rapid repairs, training your staff… Everything has been designed to allow you to reduce your quality costs, improve your performance and ensure that you optimise your energy consumption. 

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