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Nuclear industry

Creating a secure working environment at critical sites

In order to provide low-carbon electricity to millions of homes on a daily basis, nuclear power plants must have a safe and efficient infrastructure. Having been active in the nuclear sector for over 40 years, EQUANS contributes to improving safety and operational excellence in this highly controlled industry. Construction of nuclear reactors, shutdown for fuel change, modernisation of installations, maintenance, decommissioning… In Belgium, as well as abroad, our engineers and technicians are involved throughout the life cycle of installations. They are committed to contributing to the nuclear industry of the future and also support players in the industry in the implementation of innovative technological solutions and in the management of radioactive waste.

nuclear power plants reactors

Close to the reactors

Having actively participated in the construction of the seven Belgian nuclear reactors in Doel and Tihange, as well as in installations in Sweden, Germany, and France, EQUANS is a preferred partner of the nuclear industry. Our 400 highly qualified employees are perfectly trained in the safety, security, performance, and reliability requirements of power plants and are responsible for the maintenance and improvement of these critical sites. Certified 10CFR50 Annex B, ASME, and BOSEC, they have a perfect understanding of the procedures close to nuclear reactors, including in controlled areas.  

EQUANS offers a wide range of services for engineering, works, maintenance, and decommissioning. From planned reactor overhauls to steam generator replacements and specific tasks, we are constantly looking for the best technological options in order to deploy the most appropriate solutions. Electrical and instrumentation work, command control, nuclear piping, fire detection, etc.

Our knowledge of the industry and our ability to carry out large multidisciplinary projects enable us to respond quickly and efficiently to the demands of industrialists in the sector.

In order to ensure that the processes run smoothly, and even more so during human intervention, the power plants’ cooling systems cannot tolerate any failures. As experts in refrigeration technology, we have acquired a recognised expertise in HVAC installations and cooling systems for the nuclear industry.

Fans, motors, ducts, refrigeration machines, fire dampers… Here, too, we take care of the engineering, construction, commissioning, and maintenance of the equipment. From risk identification to ALARA compliance and quality control, we adapt to the strictest standards, taking the specificities of each area into account.

Our aim? Ensuring safety at work and environmental protection under all circumstances.

EQUANS also has a wide range of specialised services for the handling and transport of radioactive materials. These delicate missions require highly advanced technologies and instruments. In order to effectively reduce the spread of radioactive contamination, our teams operate on site or at our own Class II facility. Whether during the operation of power plants or during decommissioning, we offer cost-effective solutions and comprehensive support from loading to unloading of radioactive materials, including packaging and transport.

Our team of 50 engineers is available to our customers for the development of customised projects.

In addition to their ongoing involvement in the maintenance and improvement of the Doel and Tihange power plants, our teams also take care of the Integrated Facility Management (IFM) for the non-technical buildings of nuclear sites. On the programme? Maintenance of HVAC systems, electricity, lighting, fire dampers, or overhead cranes (hard services), as well as cleaning, gardening, pest control, and odd jobs (soft services).

Where necessary, we invest in comfort, extensions, and renovations. This will reduce the CO2 emissions and consumption of the buildings in question.

Our expertise for the nuclear industry


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