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Glass industry

For perfect cost control and flawless quality

Flat glass, glass packaging, glass wool... For the mass production of your glass products, you need a trusted partner that is able to ensure the operational efficiency and reliability of your industrial installations. Electricity, instrumentation, mechanical, piping, automation and process control works... EQUANS helps you combine economic profitability with CO2 emission reduction.

Glass industry

Single point of contact

From design to construction and the maintenance of your installations, EQUANS is the guarantee of a single contact who optimises your costs and deadlines throughout the value chain of your project. Our knowledge covers all the glass manufacturing processes (blowing, casting, fiber drawing, stretching, etc.) and all types of installation: fusion furnace, tin bath, forming device, polymerisation oven, cutting machines, palletisation, etc. Depending on your needs, we work across your entire production line, or we focus on one section. 

All-in service

In terms of installing your equipment, our experience in shutdown management guarantees the the work will be carried out meticulously in accordance with your company’s safety procedures. Revamping, new line, replacement of one of your furnaces... Whatever your request, our technicians are perfectly aware of the needs in your sector and guarantee you an optimal service. Based on the regulations in force, they adapt their working methods and tools, as is the case in ATEX zones (where there is a high risk of explosion).

Improving your industrial processes

Optimising your yield, reducing production losses, better labour management, etc. To improve your production chain with the best return on investment, our Process teams are also at your service. Engineering, procurement, scheduling, commissioning installations, qualification... Our process engineering and automation engineers provide you with tailored solutions that improve your profitability and fit in perfectly with your environment.

Glass industry

Energy performance

With furnaces that require a temperature of over 1,300 degrees, the glass industry is a very high energy consumption sector. EQUANS helps you begin your energy transition in different ways. Using renewable energies, combustion gas heat recovery, optimising your energy flows... We rely on the best technologies to make your plant more energy-efficient. Our aim? To enable you to gain independence and reduce your consumption and your carbon footprint, in accordance with European standards.

Glass industry

Maintenance 4.0

Facing increased competition, your production lines cannot tolerate any breakdowns. This is why our maintenance teams are committed for the long term to guarantee the availability of your installations! Thanks to conditional maintenance, we help you anticipate the slightest failure. Installing sensors, data collection, data analysis... In the plant of the future (or industry 4.0), the equipment monitors itself and tells the operator when it needs maintenance before it affects your productivity.

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