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Automotive industry

For more competitive and efficient production units

Management of the supply of raw materials, reduction of the ecological footprint of vehicles, cost control… The automotive industry is a sector under pressure which has to face many challenges. A historical partner of car and truck manufacturers, EQUANS helps you to improve your processes, guarantee the continuity of your equipment and gain in competitiveness.

Precision work

Whether modernising your factory, developing a new production line or maintaining your facilities, EQUANS is the ideal partner to support you in your project. Active in both the north and south of the country, our teams are knowledgeable in all disciplines: electrical installations, lighting, industrial mechanics, production processes, energy measurements, fire detection, HVAC... Whatever your request, we will guarantee precision work, carried out according to best practises.

Full coverage

Whether it’s a 'body', 'paint' or 'final assembly’ line, our operational teams can contribute at each stage of your process. For the design of your technical equipment, you can also count on the know-how of our engineers in digitalisation and process engineering. Depending on your needs, we can also put our network of workshops at your disposal, particularly for the design or revision of specific parts (robots or electrical panels, for example).

Total solutions for safety

From cabling to utility management, from mechanical work to boiler maintenance: our teams leave nothing to chance when it comes to safety. This is especially true when it comes to flammable liquids such as paint products, process fluids, petrol or diesel fuel. That's why we offer you a wide range of firefighting systems: sprinklers, foam extinguishers or gas extinguishers. BOSEC Certified (Belgian Organisation for Security Certification), we can also take care of the design and renovation of your flammable liquid or waste water tanks.

Strict schedule

In an industry that revolves entirely around the concept of 'just in time delivery', completing your work on time and on schedule is one of your priorities. We are therefore used to working during the weekend or outside production hours. At ease in the most restrictive industrial environments, we adapt to your schedule, including when it leaves little room for manoeuvre.

Integrated approach to maintenance and IFM

In an industry that wants to be ever greener, you must set a good example in terms of energy performance. Our integrated approach to maintenance lets you not only guarantee the continuity of your equipment, but also reduce your energy consumption. As part of our Integrated Facility Management (IFM) contracts, we also take care of ‘soft services’ (reception management, cleaning, road maintenance, etc.). Enough to help you focus fully on your core business.

Our expertise serving the automotive industry


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