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Telecommunications networks and connectivity services

Future-facing, flexible network infrastructure

Telecommunications networks and connectivity services are at the centre of all economic and social activity today. Working on site or from home, new online consultation method, connected objects, data collection, etc. The digital development of regions, local authorities and towns and cities is more than ever a vital stake for accessibility and equality.

Deploying networks and infrastructure, maintaining them, making them more efficient... in terms of telecommunications networks, EQUANS guarantees flexible networks which prepare organisations for tomorrow’s challenges.

telecommunication distribution network

ICT infrastructure: from design to maintenance

As a long-standing partner of telecommunications operators, cable television companies and large corporations, EQUANS works on behalf of its clients from the engineering and works phase and installation and connection phases.

On new sites, the Group takes care of civil engineering works, assembling installations, operations at height and aerial works, mobile switching centre (MSC) installations, base station controllers (BSC), longwave antennas and log-periodic antennas.

To respond as effectively as possible, our teams provide a 24/7 on-call service for both repairs and maintenance.

Our solutions

✓    COAX media distribution networks (television, internet & telephony)

✓    Fibre optic networks
-    Studying and installing fibre optic networks
-    Wan development
-    Blowing fibre optic cables
-    Fusion splicing and measurements

✓    Mobile radiocommunication networks
-    Installation, configuration and improvement of antenna sites
-    Installation, integration and commissioning of base transceiver stations
-    Frequency measurements for antenna systems

✓    Wireless networks
-    Development of networks for mobile operators, security networks (Astrid, GSM-R) and private wireless networks
-    Coverage for indoor reception, Hertzian links, WLAN and Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint connections

From flexible networks to data centers

Making telecommunications networks flexible requires many skills to install the fibre optic, develop Wans, antenna sites, transceiver stations or Point-to Point and Point-to-Multipoint connections. In addition to this expertise in terms of transmission and distribution networks we have in-depth knowledge of data centres.

To increase their level of performance, agility and energy efficiency, we support companies or local authorities in improving their data centres. We advise them in terms of security and energy or facility management.

Our experts also develop scalable structures that are able to follow companies’ growth in the long term, with the aim of reducing energy consumption and increasing installations’ quality of service.

telecommunication distribution network


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