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Electricity networks

Strengthening the network and guaranteeing supply

Installing high-voltage lines, electricity stations, public lighting networks, smart meters... EQUANS forms the junction between electricity production, distribution and consumption. The Group installs networks, builds electricity substations and offers new solutions to meet diverse needs for new uses. Our mission? To guarantee our clients’ supply under optimal safety, reliability and competitive conditions.


Sustainably install the electricity network in Belgium

Whether you're a transmission or distribution network operator, a large industrial company or an electricity producer, our technicians offer you their know-how and the right equipment to guarantee a safe and quality installation, from engineering to installation.

We support our customers in all aspects of the project: installation quality, legislative compliance, safety certification, financial optimisation.

Distributing electricity across the country

Transporting electricity also means creating junctions between green energy production and tomorrow’s consumption. We install and build high-voltage electricity stations and their aerial and underground links. In this way, the electricity produced by wind farms at sea is effectively routed to the country, for national green energy usage.


Our activities:

✓ High-voltage networks (aerial and underground lines)

Design, engineering and installation of high-voltage lines (from 15 to 400 kV) and pylons, conductor pulling, installation of concrete posts; study, design and installation of underground high-voltage links (15 kV to 400 kV); HDD (Horizontal Directional Drilling).

✓ Medium and low-voltage networks (aerial and underground lines)

Placing concrete or steel posts, laying cables and replacing copper lines with mast or façade cables, connection of the power cable to medium-voltage cabins; study, design and installation of new medium-voltage cabins, cells and transformers, renovation of old cabins and annual maintenance and cleaning of cabins. Connections (opening, placing and replacing meters, budget meters and smart meters); 24/7 emergency repair service in the event of low-voltage network incidents or failure. And maintenance activities.

✓ Public lighting networks

Public lighting networks construction and renovation and maintenance works, assembling lighting masts and fixtures; lighting for public buildings, monuments and sports grounds.

✓ Onshore sub-stations

Study, design, realisation and adaptation of high-voltage installations up to 400 kV; Assembly, maintenance, tests and commissioning of high and medium-voltage sub-stations.

Projects carried out from A to Z

✓    Our multi-disciplinary study office can support you in drawing up
permit applications, mobility studies and 2D and 3D plans.

✓    The ICT-Automation team develops software tools to support clients with large-scale projects. We assist them for the management of mobile terminals (Mobile Device Management), native iOS applications, website design and development and online web applications in a .NET environment, and more.


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