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Charging infrastructure for your company

Smart, integrated solutions for your charging infrastructure

Europe has decided to ban the sale of combustion-engine vehicles as from 2035. This decision will have significant consequences for your company, as many manufacturers have already announced that they are preparing for this deadline. More and more of your employees, customers and visitors will start to drive electric vehicles. As for the electrification of your utility vehicles, it’s just a question of time. So be ahead of the curve and plan the installation of charging points in your car parks!

Tailored for your company

Installing and managing electric charging infrastructure is a complex project that raises many questions.

How many charging points, what size and what power? What charging speed? How can you make the infrastructure profitable? How can it be incorporated in a more general energy transition project? Get support from experts.

Equans experts analyse your situation and define your needs together with you, in order to offer you the charging infrastructure most suited to your project.

Identification of your needs

✓   Charging points to install
-    How many cars connected simultaneously?
-    What charging speed?
-    A need that will change over time?
-    Who will use the facilities: staff, visitors...?

✓   Electrical power
-    Is your meter’s current power sufficient?
-    Need a reinforcement or new cabinet?

✓   Optimising consumption peaks and the capacity rate

✓   Optimising the power available: integration in the building network
-    Implementation of a load balancing system

✓   Local electricity production
-    Do you have voltaic panels, a small wind turbine or a cogeneration system? Our solution incorporates these electricity sources to supply your charging points and maximise your network independence.

An integrated offer

You can now enable your employees and visitors to charge their electric vehicles easily. In addition to installing and maintaining your charging point facilities, the Equans solution includes:

✓ a CPO (Charging Point Operator) module to optimise the operation of your charging infrastructure and manage all the transactions made on it;
✓ an e-MSP (Mobility Service Provider) module to enable your employees to charge their vehicle wherever they are.

Future-proof solutions

The Equans teams work constantly to integrate the very latest technologies in the solutions on offer, which include:

✓ Smart charging: optimisation of the charging cost according to electricity market prices and user constraints.
✓ V2G (Vehicle to grid): electric vehicle batteries as a source of flexibility for the network, in return for payment.

Automatic transaction invoicing

According to the electricity prices that you have set, Equans invoices cardholders (employer, fleet manager or private user) for the energy consumed at your charging points and pays you the corresponding amounts every month.

If you cover your employees’ charging costs at their home, Equans reimburses them for the electricity consumed and invoices you for these amounts.

The advantages of an integrated charging point solution for your company

The smart charging point offer is one of the innovative solutions that can help you improve mobility, make it more sustainable, and thereby take part in the energy transition. It offers several advantages to you, your employees and your visitors.

For you
✓    An optimal solution adapted to your company’s technical constraints and needs.
✓     Project coordination and monitoring from A to Z by Equans experts
✓    Peak limitation and management of available power by Equans.
✓    Access to the CPO platform for your charging point management.
✓    Possibility of maximising the profitability of your charging points by opening them to the public.
✓    Choice of supplier and price of electricity billed. 
✓    Automatic invoicing. 
✓    24-hour first line assistance. Reports listing all the details relating to charging sessions.
✓    Tax advantage

For your employees
✓    Charging during working hours.
✓    Access to over 220,000 charging points in Europe (roaming) with a single badge.
✓    Access to the Equans app to:
        -    find the charging points available nearby or in a specific location;
        -    view the price of different charging points;
        -    see the charging history.
✓    Text message notification at the end of charging showing the price and number of kWh consumed.

For your visitors
✓    Charging with the possibility to benefit from a preferential rate, if you wish.
✓    Text message notification at the end of charging showing the price and number of kWh consumed.

7-step installation

Three good reasons to choose EQUANS for your project

✓    Our expertise
Choosing Equans means benefiting from the reliability and experience of a leading player and expert in smart, integrated solutions.

✓    A single point of contact
Our specialist teams take care of your projects from A to Z, from the preliminary study to monitoring and maintaining your installations. We also offer you a solution for the management of your charging points, and for your charging sessions to be recorded and invoiced by people inside or outside your organisation.

✓    Our environmental approach
Innovative solutions to maximise your convenience while optimising your energy consumption.

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