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Integrated security and audiovisual systems

Manage all risks efficiently and comprehensively

The protection of sites with high-risk installations or the fight againt break-ins illustrate the importance of the security of people and assets for all companies and communities.

For over 20 years, we have been a major player in high-tech building security, technical surveillance of industrial facilities, integrated theft prevention, camera surveillance and access control systems, and the design and integration of comprehensive audiovisual projects, we support our customers with an integrated approach and a high level of technical expertise.

Our solutions

Technical alarms

Access control

Intrusion detection

Fire detection

Time registration

Helpdesk and 24/7 support

Installation and operation

Software integration

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Video platform

Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

Facial recognition

Perimeter surveillance

Biometric systems

Fire safety systems

Mobile security systems

Video Content Analysis (VCA)

Video surveillance

Crisis centres, control rooms and shared workspaces

Due to a centralised system consisting of a single workstation (or pixel space) and several screens, control rooms give operators a global view and access to all the information they need for their security activity.

EQUANS specialises in these technical installations, as it does in crisis centres and shared work spaces. We are involved from management to preventive and curative maintenance.
We supply, install and connect operator stations, screens, video walls and network equipment. We take care of setting up computer networks and securing data flows.

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Our systems are installed in rooms with secure servers, ensuring restricted access to data, much of it confidential. In addition, we can offer data representation in graphical form (data visualisation), thus guaranteeing the galvanic isolation of networks, as well as the security of data flows.

We offer numerous features such as screen customisation, immediate connection to an application or bringing a camera image to the foreground, while controlling other applications. Everything is designed to structure large amounts of information and increase its efficiency.


EQUANS_expertises_Systemes de securite_Security

Our expertise in audiovisual and multimedia

With 20 years of experience, we bring our expertise and technical excellence to the design and integration of audiovisual and multimedia solutions for the public and service sectors (public institutions, museums, companies, etc.). Our approach is global and the range of our solutions is wide and scalable: we reconcile performance, ease of use, R.O.I., scalability and interactivity. The products we use are state-of-the-art, innovative and selected from the best standards.

Our security and audiovisual solutions

✓ Asset Management

✓ Digital Signage

✓ Dispatching

✓ 24/7 helpdesk and support

✓ Installation and operation

✓ AV integration for boardrooms & meeting rooms

✓ AV integration for intervention vehicles (police, fire brigade, etc.)

✓ Conference systems integration

✓ Public Address

✓ Sound systems

✓ Video conferencing

✓ Videowall

EQUANS_expertises_Systemes de securite_Security

ICAROS+ or how to integrate security into all your technical installations

With the open building management system ICAROS+, we bring together all your building technology in a single, comprehensive, clear and easy-to-use platform. This means that you always have control and an overview of your building.

In the event of an incident, the operator will be able to react appropriately due to the operational workflows that guide him, step by step, in operating the alarm procedure. Automatic incident reporting enables you to evaluate the process of triggering the alarm and to optimise your procedures.

+ 20
years of experience in design, advice, installation and maintenance
+ 10
years of expertise in the design of crisis and control rooms
employees, support technicians and engineers
24 /7
Helpdesk and support
+ 20
years of experience in design, advice, installation and maintenance
+ 10
years of expertise in the design of crisis and control rooms
employees, support technicians and engineers
24 /7
Helpdesk and support

Our references


New prison in Haren: our multi-technical expertise serving a DBM project.


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