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HVAC and air handling

EQUANS specialises in HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) and air handling and conditioning solutions for all types of buildings and infrastructures in a wide range of sectors, from office buildings, sensitive industrial sites such as the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors, to data centres, road tunnels, the nuclear sector and even the aerospace sector...!

Whatever the size of your infrastructure and whatever the use of the space, we translate your request or specifications into an HVAC installation that optimally meets the criteria of sustainability and energy efficiency.

Our HVAC and air handling solutions

✓    Heating, ventilation, air conditioning and cooling

✓    Air handling and filtration

✓    Technologies for clean rooms, laboratories, etc.

✓    Heat recovery

✓    Air and smoke extraction

✓    Water and superheated steam

✓    Chilled water production and distribution

✓    Hygiene installations, solar boilers, water recovery systems  

✓    District heating network

✓    Cogeneration

✓    CHS: cold/heat storage

✓    BTES: borehole thermal energy storage


From design to maintenance

From technical studies, installation, operational management, to commissioning and maintenance, we design and implement the most advanced technical solutions to create an optimal indoor climate in environments as diverse as industrial buildings, office buildings, shopping centres, airports, data centres, cultural and leisure complexes or hotels.

We are involved from the installation of technical installations to advice on new technologies to improve processes within companies, reduce energy consumption and environmental impact.

Scope of expertise

✓    HVAC projects in the service sector, from design to maintenance, in addition to the other technical expertise available at EQUANS

✓    Industrial air conditioning and cooling: advanced solutions for a living and working environment

✓    Clean rooms, laboratories...: filtering and air conditioning solutions for dust-free spaces

✓    Critical installations: we provide reliable critical installations to support your business and improve your competitiveness

✓    Fire prevention: Smoke and heat extraction solutions in buildings and tunnels as an active fire protection measure

✓    Specific techniques for the nuclear and aerospace industries and offshore installations as well as steam and hot water applications


Clean room: ensuring optimal air handling

In many industries, critical processes require absolutely particle-free spaces, such as operating theatres or clean rooms.

We offer a wide range of expertise in filtration and air conditioning and equip all sectors of business: medical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food industry and production of microelectronic components.

Tailor-made projects for specific environments

Our experience in different sectors allows us to tailor projects to each application (R&D or industrial) by using best practices. We closely follow the development of technologies to reduce or even exclude any source of contamination or soiling during research or production in cleanrooms.

Our long-standing expertise and the strength of our Group allow us to take care of your project from A to Z.


Supporting our customers in the certification and labelling process

The design, installation and management of HVAC and cooling systems must meet the highest standards of energy performance and environmental impact.

We support our customers in the demanding national and international building certification process:

✓ “HQE” (high quality environment) certification

✓ Bepos label

✓ Construction "certifications”: BBC, Breeam, Leed

✓ Validation of solutions and energy commitments based on dynamic thermal simulations

Our references


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