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Automation & Process solutions

A one-stop-shop for all your automation and ICT needs

EQUANS is a well-established key player in automated processes and projects. From our various operational centers in Belgium, we offer you the most diverse expertise in a wide range of industrial markets as well as applications in the world of mobility.

We have a proven track-record in industrial automation and ICT solutions, with absolute respect for sectoral standards.

As a full-service supplier, we help you develop your installation, from concept development and engineering to implementation and maintenance services.

Besides turnkey solutions, you can also rely on us for consultancy expertise and emergency interventions. Together with our internal and external partners, we deliver an integrated package of products and services based on your needs and adapted to your budget.

We engineer, develop and install :

✓    PLC systems and programs
✓    Safety PLC systems
✓    DCS
✓    Drive Control
✓    SCADA – visualisation
✓    Industrial networks and ICT
✓    Hardware engineering

✓    Manufacturing Execution System (MES)
✓    Big Data Applications
✓    GBS – BMS ( Building Management Systems )
✓    Yard Management Systems
✓    A.I. assisted software systems
✓    Cyber security controls

Some of our Integrated solutions :


Automation for different transport infrastructures and mobility solutions:

Rail: tunnel equipment, traction stations, power supply, depots, catenary systems, ...
Roads: tunnel management, street lighting (smart lighting), low emission zones, pedestrian zones, traffic management, ANPR, parking management ....
Water: moving bridges, locks, dams, weirs, pumping stations, hydro-electric power plants, remote control, dredging information systems, water purification, potable water production, ...
Airport Systems: TRS, baggage handling, screening lanes,…
DBFM: large projects combining several transportation technologies and disciplines


For the development of your emergency shutdown systems (chemical and petrochemical industry) and machine safety systems, we have a team of engineers available who have extensive experience in this area and who have acquired the TÜV certificate of “Functional safety engineer” and CMSE Certified Machine Safety Engineer.


Substation automation for LV and Auxiliaries, both on- and offshore.


Process control, engineering and clean high purity piping


Complete revamping (electrical-mechanical-automation) of large crane installations in complex conditions.
Lifting is one of our specialties. Whether you need automatic/semi-automatic or mobile/semi-mobile cranes or portals, they can lift up to 600 tons. EQUANS can provide you with a fully customised package suitable for any project and budget.


As a result, we have extensive experience in both the concrete and recycling sectors. Both Turn-Key and retrofit of the automation of your concrete plant, water purification or other bulk system you have come to the right place.


Our Logistics Management Systems (LMS) automate the entire document flow associated with bulk loading and unloading. Incorporating access control, weight measurements, automated loading/unloading, automated sampling, A system that integrates logistics and tracking & tracing enables you to monitor and control all your product movement-related transactions.


For GMP-critical processes for the pharmaceutical industry, we have a team of engineers, trained to handle projects according to a comprehensive set of validation procedures based on the GAMP5 guidelines. These procedures have been successfully audited by several large pharmaceutical companies.


All automated production lines require the movement of semi-finished products using conveyors. Our turnkey solutions can be applied to all your types of conveyor systems :
✓ Electro monorail systems (EMS)
✓ Floor conveyors
✓ Power and free conveyors
✓ Chain conveyors
✓ Belt conveyors


With our long experience of revamping and developing new lines, our teams can handle all your types of coil processing lines, including painting, galvanising, slitting, annealing, etc. Our teams can work on an entire production line or focus on one section. In particular, our expertise includes the fields of drive control, furnace control, monitoring, utilities and peripherals.


We provide comprehensive maintenance services (engineering, repairs and spare parts) that are multi-technical, integrated and result/progress-oriented. Well-trained service engineers who know your installation inside-out deliver malfunction maintenance based on strict SLAs to reduce breakdown time. They carry out periodical maintenance activities and check-ups to prevent malfunctions and give you expert advice to optimise your installation.

Modular solutions and tailor-made services


is a smart data and integration platform for managing your infrastructure, processes, and systems. It provides a complete 24/7 overview in real time. It is indispensable for everyone striving to achieve optimal Life Cycle Management, a lower Total Cost of Ownership, greater flexibility, and improved security and efficiency.


is a product developed by EQUANS. It offers a complete (hard- and software) modular solution that greatly simplifies the logistics and administrative procedures for the processing of bulk goods from field to factory.


is the specialist within EQUANS for the automation of bulk processing and was developed for the process control of mixing installations in the concrete industry. It’s a complete solution for the production of correct concrete mixtures and for the complete administrative processing. ATV’s software has a generic and modular structure, in order to use the same logic for bulk applications in various sectors. The software contains open data interfaces for easy connection with other systems such as ERP or reporting.



Our service Enginius brings our engineering services and expertise to your plant. It complements Process Solutions with human expertise in the field of Electricity & Instrumentation, Automation and Industrial ICT.

  • On-site services: our engineer or technical expert works on site for an agreed period. Enginius provides consulting with a distinctly practical approach during the entire life cycle of the installation: pre-engineering, project realisation and maintenance.
  • On-call services: engineers or technical experts can be quickly deployed for corrective maintenance, remotely if possible, on site if necessary. They are available on-call according to guaranteed SLA’s: a 24/7 standby service is available.

Why choose EQUANS ?

✓    Automation expertise
EQUANS provide integrated turnkey solutions for projects involving engineering and process control. By combining our knowledge of automation and control tools, a wide range of processes and professional project management, we are in a position to manage your projects on a turnkey basis.

✓    Independence
As an integrator, we are fully independent of the various software and hardware suppliers and are therefore capable of integrating automation systems from different manufacturers as well as third-party process equipment. To make all of this possible, our employees receive continuous training, training to keep abreast of all the latest developments. In partnership with you, we work hard to develop the optimum solution.

✓    Proximity
Our experts are based at various operational sites and regional offices across Belgium. This enables us to deliver fast reaction times when needed and this proximity further enhances our relationships and partnerships with our customers.

✓    Quality and safety
Quality and safety are of prime importance for the entire EQUANS organisation. EQUANS complies with the International Standard ISO9001 and is VCA-P certified. Specifically for the pharmaceutical industry, we are compliant with the GAMP guidelines. For the nuclear industry we work according to the 10CFR50 standard. Our working methods are designed to ensure safety at work and environmental conservation and are an integral part of our quality and safety system.

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