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Nuclear services

EQUANS – specialised services for the nuclear sector

Cost-effective solutions for handling your small and large radioactive material, both on-site and at our own Class II site. We make sure you are left with as little radioactive waste as possible.

Your preferred partner

Leave the handling and transport of your radioactive material to the specialists at EQUANS. You can rely on our advanced solutions and expertise for the operation, post-operational phase and decommissioning of your nuclear installations.

Nuclear logistics, from A to Z

Our logistics services seamlessly combine all the different steps into an efficient process, from point of departure to destination. So you can focus on your core business. Starting from a situation analysis, our engineers determine the most appropriate solutions for the decontamination, packaging and transport of your radioactive material. Safety is essential to this. We perform the necessary radiation measurements and provide the necessary protective equipment, but we also help you with training and process documentation.


Nuclear licences & certification

It goes without saying that EQUANS (through its specialised subsidiary Transnubel NV) has earned the necessary certifications to operate in the nuclear sector, and more. We are, for instance, ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 certified and have a licence to carry out ADR7 transports. Thanks to 10CFR50 Appendix B, we can also carry out activities at ENGIE Electrabel's nuclear power plants. In France (SPE-E-0400 Ind.22) and Germany (Rule KTA 1401), we are also authorised to work in shielded areas. In addition, we have our own Class II facility in Fleurus, where we can treat your radioactive material according to the strictly controlled, currently applicable rules.

A partner at your side

EQUANS brainstorms with you. We understand that every situation is different and therefore demands tailor-made solutions. That is why we not only offer standard packages and systems, but also work on a customised basis. For example, we have eight proprietary licences for packaging radioactive material, but we are just as smart about other packaging solutions. We propose the techniques and products that are most suitable at an advantageous price. What’s more, you can count on us for operational support, training and the documentation of your nuclear processes. So, you can hand over a lot of your work to us. 



Thanks to our many years of experience in the nuclear sector and our flexible work culture, we can effectively respond to the needs of our customers. Our prices are very competitive, without sacrificing service. We work in partnership with our clients, so that together we can write a win-win story. And, moreover, by partnering with EQUANS for your nuclear solutions, you also have easier access to the other industrial services offered by our Group.  

active in 6 countries
350 operators & 50 engineers
licences for nuclear packaging
+ 45
years of experience
active in 6 countries
350 operators & 50 engineers
licences for nuclear packaging
+ 45
years of experience

Our solutions

Taking care of your radioactive material

Leave the handling and transport of your radioactive material to the specialists at EQUANS. You can rely on our advanced solutions and expertise for the operation, the post-operational phase and the decommissioning of your nuclear installations.

Using the most modern decontamination techniques (e.g. sand blasting, laser, chemical, electromechanical, ultrasonic, steam), we effectively reduce the spread of radioactive contamination, both during operation as well as decommissioning, at your site or in our Class II facility.

Call on our expertise in the field of dismantling, cutting and demolition techniques for your small and large dismantling projects. Remote-controlled robots also allow our experts to access hard-to-reach or highly radioactive areas.

Using calibrated radiological measurements, we expertly divide up your material. This enables us to categorise as many components as possible in a lower category so that you end up with less radioactive waste, which we then transport to the competent authorities for processing and storage.

EQUANS has a wide range of packaging options (eight proprietary licences) for transporting radioactive sources, materials and waste, e.g. uranium, plutonium, fuel rods, resins etc., from hospitals, laboratories, industry, nuclear power plants and reprocessing facilities.

We have the specialised equipment needed, e.g. specific hoisting equipment, transport frames, measuring devices etc., to make transport efficient and safe. Or we can develop a system tailored to your needs. For example, we have a remote-controlled hoisting system used to load and unload drums of radioactive material autonomously, without exposing employees to radiation for long periods of time.

In addition, you can also call on us for the complete organisation of the worldwide transport via road, rail, water or air of your radioactive material, including all necessary administration (permits, insurance, customs formalities).

EQUANS also provides operational support for your nuclear facilities which is linked to our other logistics activities: loading and unloading of radioactive material, maintenance and repair of nuclear packaging, training for your employees, radiation protection…

On top of that, you can contact us for technical services and maintenance in nuclear environments, e.g. SG, pumps and motors on primary and secondary circuits, waste management units… Operational excellence is our guiding principle here.

You can also rely on us for your documentation and procedures, e.g. safety files, ALARA dossiers… Using our expertise, we are happy to help you analyse and improve your operational procedures and logistics processes.

EQUANS has acquired solid experience in the transport of nuclear fuel into and out of European nuclear reactors. We use adapted packaging and equipment to load and unload these fuel rods. We train all relevant employees and do the necessary preliminary tests to ensure the entire process runs safely and smoothly.

What’s more, we will gladly brainstorm with you to find solutions to all your nuclear challenges. EQUANS combines its expertise and resources to realise special, custom projects. A team of 50 engineers develops the project conceptualisation.

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