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Energy management

Audit and analysis of your consumption

Saving energy and reducing greenhouse gases are now more necessary than ever. Many buildings have great potential to save energy and improve occupant comfort, but it is often difficult to know where to start. EQUANS helps you to analyse and monitor your energy consumption accurately. Our specialists are experts in the field of electricity and HVAC. Whether it is a renovation or a new construction project, we will help you every step of the way in the energy management of your buildings, by anticipating the regulatory obligations.


Our energy management services

✓    Energy audits & QuickScans

✓    Official reports

✓    Suggestions for improvement

✓    Recommissioning: optimising existing buildings depending on actual needs in order to improve comfort and save energy

✓    Effective monitoring of energy consumption and expenditure

✓    Viewing metadata

✓    Defining thresholds and setting up an e-mail alarm function

✓    Installation of smart meters and data recorders


Do you want to know if your building complies with the standards in your region or simply find out how to use less energy? Based on your invoices and a quick analysis of your installations, together with you, our technicians evaluate ways of improvement. Obsolete technologies, lack of maintenance, energy losses, oversizing of your equipment... Considering your reality and your needs, they also adjust your installations in order to guarantee you more efficiency with reduced consumption.

Energy audit

Lighting, ventilation rates, yields from your photovoltaic panels... For a more detailed study and advice, EQUANS is also a partner of choice. Whether it is for a PLAGE (Local Action Plan for Energy Management) (in the Brussels-Capital Region) or UREBA audit, for obtaining an environmental permit or for an inventory of fixtures with a view to benchmarking, our energy experts will help you analyse your energy performance. And this is just the beginning! In most cases, a full audit opens the door to significant energy savings. If you wish, we can calculate the amount and take care of your improvement work.

Energy monitoring

Measuring is knowing. To optimise your energy efficiency on a daily basis, monitoring the performance of your installations is essential nowadays! To help you keep a finger on the pulse of your building's energy and water consumption, EQUANS has developed an online monitoring tool (Energy Management System) that gives you secure access to all your meter data. Through user-friendly dashboards, you can monitor your consumption in real time and compare it to a reference line. Based on predefined thresholds, an alarm can be sent to you by e-mail. In addition, the system enables you to generate reports that can be used for your IPMVP plans or for your energy management under ISO50001.

Additional services

In addition to QuickScan, energy auditing and monitoring, you can also call on EQUANS for the following assignments:

✓    Measurements of the condition of your buildings according to NEN2767

✓    Special energy audits for high-volume consumers

✓    Mandatory PLAGE (Local Action Plan for Energy Management) plan (Brussels-Capital Region)

✓    UREBA audits

✓    Dynamic simulations of buildings to be renovated or new constructions

✓    ISO 50001 standard

✓    EPB diagnosis air conditioning or heating

✓    Measurements, balancing and analysis of air and hydraulic malfunctions in your HVAC installations

✓    Drawing up IPMVP plans (plans for measuring and verifying the savings generated by energy performance improvement actions)

✓    Study and implementation of energy accounting

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