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Building management systems

From CTM to smart building

Whatever its size or function, your building is unique and has its own technological, electrical or climatological challenges. To meet your requirements and the high expectations of your occupants, EQUANS puts IT and digital technology at your service. Temperature control, lighting management, energy monitoring, fault detection... By making your building more and more connected, we enable you to control it remotely and in real time...

Our services

✓    Installation of building management systems

✓    General automation

✓    Hardware engineering

✓    Installation of sensors and IoT devices

✓    Big Data Applications

✓    Automatic detection of faults and anomalies in installations


Control points, alarms, various measurements... Faced with the amount of information generated by a building, ensuring the proper functioning of the installations can quickly turn into a laborious task for your service technician.

As an integrator in the field of automation, EQUANS offers you Centralised Technical Management (CTM or BMS - Building Management System) solutions that enable you to monitor all your equipment in no time at all. Open, scalable and modular, our systems can be adapted to each specific situation.

Our aim? Helping you monitor your heating, ventilation or lighting through a single interface that brings together all the useful functions. And to modify your parameters and improve the comfort of your occupants, nothing could be easier... A simple modification in the BMS software is all that is needed!

Smart building solutions

Are you building or renovating a building? Do you already have a series of sensors on your installations or are you planning to acquire them? To make the most of your investments and further optimise your performance, our smart solutions also offer many advantages.

The principle? Connect all your systems via the IoT (Internet of Things) and analyse your data continuously. Due to various dashboards, you can view live the occupancy rate of your building, the comfort setting s (temperature, CO2, fine particles, etc.) or your energy consumption.

And that's not all! By adding a predictive analysis layer to your data, our integration platform enables you to detect the slightest fault (abnormal vibrations, loss of pressure, risk of legionella or corrosion, etc.). This allows you to optimise your energy performance, the maintenance of your equipment and your costs!

Enhanced user experience

And for an optimal user experience, how about equipping your building with smart devices that dramatically improve your occupants’ quality of life? Access to the building by QR code, CO2 monitoring, smart lighting, programming and booking of meeting rooms... Thanks to the Internet of Things, your occupants can control their environment instantly. This will bring your building into a new era, where users are in a connected world and able to interact with it. 


Predictive Building control

Manage your energy consumption and CO2 emissions

Save on your annual energy costs and emit less CO2? And at low cost with an investment that will pay for itself in less than two years? This is possible thanks to our in-house developed software for Predictive Building Control.

In traditional building management systems (BMS), the heat demand is determined by, among other things, the outside temperature in combination with modular boilers and pumps. The intelligent EQUANS 'Predictive Building control' solution takes many other factors into account:

  • the orientation of the façade,
  • sunlight and shade throughout the day,
  • building inertia
  • the occupancy rate, etc.

This allows you to better predict the heat demand of your building and to more accurately control the production and distribution of heat, thus reducing unnecessary heating.

This technology is suitable for spaces and office buildings of +/- 10,000 m² (total floor area). In production or storage areas, we optimise energy efficiency by using adjusted parameters. After installing the missing measuring points and our module, your installation is ready to go.

During a "learning period", our software collects and analyses data from your building. The system learns to anticipate needs and controls the energy systems in a targeted way. Thanks to a dashboard, energy consumption - and expected savings - can be closely monitored.

The advantages of our smart building solutions

✓    Wellbeing & security: Your buildings are comfortable and safe. They guarantee the well-being of people and the protection of your assets.

✓    Attractiveness:  By creating interactive and connected spaces, you are meeting the expectations and needs of your occupants.

✓    Operational efficiency: By improving the performance of your facilities, you can optimise your operational excellence, while reducing your energy and maintenance costs.

✓    Open and powerful system:  By choosing EQUANS as your partner, you benefit from an integration platform based on open-source components, capable of integrating all technologies and processing large amounts of data quickly.


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