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(Petro)chemical industry

Long-term partner for your installation projects

Fuels, plastics, paints, detergents... In the petrochemical and chemical sector, safety and quality are at the heart of your manufacturing process. ISO and VCA_P certified, our teams have long-term expertise in (petro)chemical installations. Whether it’s a multi-disciplinary project, a new construction, a renovation or a complex shutdown: we help you find the most suitable solution for your need. Thanks to our network of specialised workshops, we also work on demand on specific parts and constructions.

Internationally-recognised expertise

Electricity, instrumentation, industrial piping, mechanical or cooling works... For the construction of a new industrial production unit or for your revamping works, EQUANS offers tailored solutions that optimise your installations’ yield. With over thirty years of know-how in the (petro)chemical sector in Flanders, in Wallonia and abroad, we cultivate long-term partnership relations with the biggest names in the sector, in Europe and worldwide.

Certificates and regulations

Every day, our technical teams implement their skills on highly secure chemical and petrochemical sites. Flameproof installations with enhanced or intrinsic safety... Our work methods and tools observe the international safety recommendations such as the ATEX regulation (for ‘EXplosive ATmosphere’). We also have all the accreditations necessary in terms of quality and safety. From ISO 9001 certification to the VCA_P certificate, we guarantee you meticulous work in accordance with the procedures specific to your sector.

Engineering and process control

Engineering, construction, tests, implementation of your installations...  You can use EQUANS for your project’s overall management, including in the field of automation and process control. With recognised know-how in this field, our experts develop and integrate the solution that suits you best, taking into account your constraints and requirements. For the development of your emergency shutdown systems for example, we have a team of engineer who have extensive experience in this area and who have acquired the TÜV ‘Functional safety engineer’ certificate.


Cooling installations

Manufacturing chemicals or plastics requires an efficient cooling process. At EQUANS, you receive advice from a team of over fifty experts specialising in refrigeration solutions for the industrial sector. They take care of your cooling needs from 3D design to engineering and commissioning, including documentation and quality control. To guarantee the reliability and quality of your system, they ensure that your installations are upgraded throughout their life cycle. All while reducing the shutdown time as far as possible.

Calibration and revisions

Motor revision, valve maintenance, metal constructions, machining, etc. In addition to our turnkey solutions, you can also count on us for the design and revision of certain machine tools. Whether in a workshop or on site, we perform your instrument calibration and verification. Our welding technology and metalwork experts for industrial applications can also help you with the prefabrication and construction of complex assemblies.

Continuously improving your performance

Finally, to optimise the availability and total cost of ownership of your installations, our maintenance technicians work alongside your teams to ensure that your equipment works properly. Consulting in maintenance, integrated industrial maintenance (partial or total), multi-site approach, analyses, etc. On a daily basis, our skilled and service-focused experts ensure the high performance of your installations, in accordance with the current safety and environmental protection recommendations. Their ambition? To help you optimise your energy consumption.

Our expertise supporting the (petro)chemical industry

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