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Agri-food industry

A sustainable approach to conserve and produce more efficiently

Beverages, fresh agricultural products, frozen foods... Faced with new consumer expectations, the agri-food industry is today forced to reinvent itself: how to increase the rate of its production, while ensuring the quality, safety and sustainability of its products; all at an affordable price. Whether a producer, small business or large industrial group, EQUANS helps you make your conservation and production tools sustainable, ecological and innovative. Carbon-neutral cooling systems, optimisation of production processes, integration of smart systems, maintenance engineering… Our mission? Improving your processes, reducing your energy consumption and protecting consumer health.


For safe and continuous production

Consulting, design, implementation, integrated management, maintenance… EQUANS has been active in the agri-food sector for many years. From installation to the maintenance of your electrical or HVAC systems, to your piping work (all types of fluids or gases), your refrigeration and conservation solutions, including monitoring of your equipment, we ensure compliance with FASFC standards and hygiene rules in vigour. Our reporting tools ensure the traceability and control of all our interventions. Our aim? Ensuring the continuity and safety of your industrial equipment in accordance with your quality labels.

Preserve your food products optimally

It is essential to maintain the cold chain in the agri-food sector. When it comes to cold storage, our engineers and technicians design, install and maintain your installations in a personalised manner. What is their purpose? Ensuring the processing and conservation of your products in optimal conditions. Absorption cooling, thermal energy storage, natural refrigerants, free cooling based on thermosiphon… We define with you the solution that suits you best. To do this, we examine your process as a whole, in order to reduce your consumption and your maintenance costs as much as possible, without having to modify your commercial objectives.

Sustainable and ecological refrigeration and conservation facilities

To guarantee the freshness of your products, we are constantly looking for innovative solutions.  Not only do we help you switch to natural refrigerants and carbon-free installations, but we also offer specific solutions for your industry. Production of semi-prepared or prepared foods, storage of alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages, long-term preservation of fruits and vegetables using the ULO (ultra-low oxygen) technique, etc.

As a partner in your energy transition, we strive to limit your CO2 emissions and optimise your energy consumption. For cold transport by road, we have a range of solutions adapted to the nature of your products and their travel time.


Automation serving your performance

Do you want to develop a new production line, maintain your conveyors or control your production in real time? EQUANS offers you integrated solutions for projects involving process engineering and control. We go as far as creating our own software to meet your specific needs. For bulk goods, for example (such as sugar, chicory, coffee or potatoes), our LMS (Logistics Management System) solution allows you to instantly monitor all transactions related to the movement of your products (access control, weight measurements, automated loading/unloading, etc.). Simplify your product flows, as well as paperwork and administrative work!

Our services & solutions


✓    Heating, ventilation, air conditioning and air treatment
✓    Climatic chambers
✓    Compressed air units
✓    VRV, VRF, H-VRF heat pumps


✓    Mechanical refrigeration
✓    Condensation drying
✓    Freezing techniques
✓    Ultra-Low Oxygen Concentration Techniques (ULO)
✓    CO2 recovery
✓    Cold rooms and freezers with natural refrigerants
✓    IQ/OQ validation cycle
✓    Dynamic Controlled Atmosphere – DCA


✓    Analysis of oils, freon, ammonia, brines and glycol
✓    Alignment of compressors and pumps
✓    Fine filtering of oil systems
✓    Water treatment
✓    Chemical cleaning techniques for condensers and refrigerators
✓    Calibration of temperature and pressure sensors
✓    Thermographic and infrared measurements
✓    Electronic thickness gauges for pipes and pressure vessels
✓    Data collection and recording for diagnosis in case of problems
✓    Annual check of the leak detection system
✓    Periodic sealing checks

AUTOMATION (BMS, Command Control)


PIPING & MECHANICAL (orbital welding, mechanical assembly)

DESS (Study service)

✓    Energy, environmental and security audits
✓    Specific training according to your refrigeration installation
✓    Data collection and recording for diagnosis in case of problems

Our expertise serving the agri-food industry

Our references


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