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Information and communication technologies

Supporting the digital transition

Connectivity, Internet Of Things, mobile technology, cybersecurity, company networks, etc. information and communication technologies encompass the tools, services and techniques necessary to create, process and transmit data.

This shows how essential they are as most of our economy today is dependent on digital technology.

In this constantly changing sector, EQUANS’s mission is to support companies and regions in their digital transformation and to offer the most effective and efficient installations in terms of energy and upgrade potential.

airport mobility infrastructure

A comprehensive approach to installing communications networks

Smart buildings, Industry 4.0, Smart Cities... we act on behalf of our customers whatever their needs and networks. We are involved from the upstream phase in engineering and studies, construction and renovation, through to the maintenance phase, including excavation work or fibre optic cable blowing. Thanks to our state-of-the-art equipment, we’re able to offer innovative digital solutions and scalable networks that are compliant with the most demanding quality standards.

Our solutions

✓    Data network cabling

✓    Network infrastructure (FTTH, IoT, wireless, optics, etc.)

✓    Cable assembly services

✓    Electricity infrastructure and solutions

✓    Services for Data Centers

✓    Communication systems

✓    Cybersecurity and security systems

✓    Data management

✓    Automation services

From network cabling to Data Center provision

Efficient, state-of-the-art communication systems require technical excellence in IT cabling installations. EQUANS has over twenty years’ experience in structured cabling and fibre optics and is involved in system design.

At the other end of the chain, the Group designs and installs data networks and takes care of the design, installation and comprehensive management of data centers. Its offer includes the design of the building, its equipment, the implementation of the dataroom, and the maintenance programmes.


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