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Electricity panel production workshop

Centre of excellence for panel manufacture

Power and distribution panels, automation panels, switching boxes and control consoles... Thanks to several years’ experience in both custom and mass production, we’re able to offer you a beneficial solution for each of your industrial panel manufacture projects. In all scenarios, we seek the best value and service for money.


Custom and mass production

The Aartselaar workshop guarantees the manufacture of panels that are perfectly adapted to your project. It delivers ready-to-install electromechanical modules to an ever-growing number of external clients, from your power and distribution panels and control consoles to your automation panels, even the most complex ones.

Our department also specialises in mass production: to assemble small or large runs of automation and control cabinets, we emphasise the combination of a low production cost with a high level of quality and strong flexibility of service.

Our offering

✓    Large production capacity, for all types of panel and distribution box

✓    Multi-brand and flexibility

✓    5,000 m² own workshops

✓    Own engraving department

✓    Over fifty years’ experience

✓    Active internationally

✓    High-technology equipment to run a broad range of tests

✓    In-depth knowledge of products, techniques and applications

✓    Thermography for internal quality control and control on the customer’s premises

✓    Comprehensive service, from design to production and installation and training

5,000 m² of workshop at Aartselaar

The Aartselaar workshop is one of the largest in Benelux and has all the necessary infrastructure to guarantee high-level production both in terms of quality and safety. The EQUANS Panels workshop has one of the rare Schneider licences in Benelux for the assembly of Okken type panels and has also acquired considerable expertise in the OEM market segment.
Furthermore, we have a cooperation agreement with ABB and good experience in this manufacturer’s modular boxes.


Specific Skills

✓    Engineering and detailed study of your panels

✓    Okken panels: MCC (4,000 A  - 100 kA), PCC (6,300 A - 150 kA)

✓    Prisma Plus panels (PTTA) up to 3,200 A - form 3, ICC: 85 kA

✓    Prisma GX Plus panels

✓    Automation, motor controls, power supplies...

✓    Pneumatic distribution cabinets

✓    Metal structures: boxes, control panels, synoptic panels...

✓    Engraving department

✓    Mass and pre-assembly productions


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