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Water & gas networks

The solution for all your community service networks

The territories are covered by several million kilometres of networks, underground, aerial or underwater. These networks transport and distribute the resources necessary for everyone’s well-being to wash, eat and heat themselves.

In our current context of climate change, preserving, maintaining and optimising networks is vital. The same is true for user safety, proper regional management as well as the protection and preservation of our environment.

EQUANS offers a broad range of services for the study and installation of aerial and underground water and gas piping networks.

water and gas distribution networks

A comprehensive approach, from studies to distribution

Our services offer includes all the expertise in terms of networks to support our clients with a turnkey approach. We ensure that each decision is the right one to optimise budgets and preserve and protect the environment.

We are involved from the laying and installation of water and gas distribution pipes including management of construction works, the power supply, telemetry and maintenance. We connect users, irrespective of the public service companies they use.

In line with new water consumption uses, we support our commercial and regional partners in laying and maintaining smart meters. In this way, it’s possible to provide the readings, and detect over-consumption and water leaks in real time.

Our solutions

✓    Laying underground pipes for gas (PE or steel) and water (PE or cast iron)

✓    Valves, draining checks and measurement stations for gas and other liquids

✓    Gas and water connections

✓    Installation and replacement of budget or smart meters (wireless reading)

✓    Urgent repair services

underground gas and water installation

Our horizontal directional drilling expertise

For over 20 years, EQUANS has been a recognised expert in horizontal directional drilling (HDD) and is one of the main Belgian experts today for complex and special drilling. Horizontal directional drilling enables us to create underground infrastructure over long lengths following the ‘no-dig’ principle (without a trench).

This technique is precise, effective and presents three major advantages: limitation of nuisance in the surrounding area; rapid execution and minimal excavation.

We work on lengths that can reach 1,200 metres and diameters of 1.2 meters, both for polyethylene and stainless steel pipes. Drilling with an optical gyroscope enables us to keep to the drilling trajectory with remarkable precision.

To assist the department, we have a team of experts and draughtspeople who, thanks to specialist software, are able to create the preliminary studies, the ‘mud pressures’ and ‘as-builts’ of this drilling.


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