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Wave energy sector takes big step forward thanks to innovative SEA-TITAN project

9 February 2022

Everyone knows that renewable energy is the future, but not everyone knows that much of that energy can come from our oceans. For example, ocean energy, such as energy extracted from waves at sea, could supply some 10% of Europe’s current electricity needs by 2050. With the prestigious SEA-TITAN project, the (wave) energy sector is already taking many steps forward.

The SEA-TITAN consortium, supported by the European Commission, brings together eleven partners from 7 European countries with outstanding experience in the renewables energy sector in general and in ocean wave energy technologies in particular. The partners have pooled their knowledge to develop an innovative second generation Direct Drive Linear Electric Generator Power Take-Off. The function of a Power Take-Off machine is to capture the power of water waves and convert the wave motion into electricity. The aim of the SEA-TITAN project is to arrive at a prototype that can generate more energy in proportion to its volume. EQUANS also played a role in the development of the prototype: the Mobility Division (Water Department, Marine Section) was given the task of advising on the design and monitoring its implementation.


Modular, cost-effective system

Meanwhile, the development of the prototype has been completed. Remarkably, it is a modular system made up of rings. Both length and diameter are adjustable, making scaling very easy. Also, the Levelised Cost of Energy is a lot lower than first-generation Power Take-Off machines, which means that there is less cost associated with the amount of energy generated. This makes the prototype not only a technical but an economic tour de force.

Practical added value

The Marine Department was able to provide great practical added value in the development of the prototype:

We have been working on and close to the sea for years. Thanks to this experience, we were able to provide a lot of useful input on issues such as the boundary conditions the machine must meet to be used in the sea, corrosion resistance, and so on. While engineering firms tend to highlight the theoretical side, we focus on the practical side of things. Both are indispensable to achieve a good result.
Luka Vanderplancke Project manager at EQUANS

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